In the Aftermath of Morocco’s Earthquake Those Who Rely on Tourism Fear for their Livelihoods   

The Sept. 8 quake damaged historic sites in Marrakesh, the country’s fourth-largest city, but the effects have been most acute in the High Atlas Mountains, in devastated villages closer to the epicentre. Marrakesh, the largest city affected by Morocco’s quake, has been a hub and waypoint for travellers in the region for nearly 1,000 years. The labyrinthine Medina – the market streets that make up a large portion of the walled old city – is listed as a World Heritage site by Unesco, the UN cultural organisation. While the modern parts of the city faired relatively well in the quake, some structures in the old city sustained major damage. The Kharbouch Mosque, near the centre of the Medina, is crumbling.


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