Imperial Invests In And Partners With Lori Systems To Expand Its Cutting-Edge E-logistics Technology Solutions Across Africa

Imperial, an African and European-focused provider of integrated market access and logistics solutions, announced an investment in and partnership with Lori Systems to expand its cutting-edge e-logistics technology solutions across  Africa. This strategic partnership is the first of its kind at this scale and scope on the African continent. 

Lori Systems is the leading e-logistics platform in Africa and seamlessly coordinates haulage in  frontier markets. The Imperial Venture Fund, managed by Newtown Partners – a US venture capital  firm – recently concluded an investment in Lori Systems to support its growth in East and West Africa. The Imperial and Lori Systems partnership in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)  region will help develop and enhance Africa’s road freight industry through digital innovation and  enablement. 

“We believe that Lori solves a real problem when it comes to matching volatile demand and reliable  supply in Africa’s highly fragmented road freight industry. As a business that is focused on efficient  and innovative logistics and market access solutions, this is a crucial business investment for Imperial  and the continent. Investing in Lori Systems will enable the creation of further business opportunities  in Africa and provide efficiency for Imperial’s clients and transport operators with whom we  collaborate,” said Mohammed Akoojee, Group CEO, Imperial. 

Lori Systems launched in 2017, with the vision to develop technology that provides practical solutions  to the challenges frontier markets face with logistics, namely the lack of visibility, coordination, and  data. Imperial will have access to Lori’s proprietary platform through this partnership, providing  shippers and transporters in Southern Africa with access to a flexible suite of software applications  and data. This will lead to more efficiently managed operations and fleets, resulting in tangible cost  savings.  

“Lori Systems partnership with Imperial is validation of our vision of a new era of digitally-enabled  and efficient logistics not only in Africa but in frontier markets more broadly,” said Joshua Sandler,  Co-Founder, and CEO, Lori Systems. “As a leading African logistics and market access player,  innovation is at the heart of Imperial, and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with an industry  veteran that embraces this digital disruption while expanding Lori’s reach across Southern Africa.”  

Lori Systems has successfully driven efficiency across fragmented East and West African markets by  providing end-to-end visibility for customers and integrations across the entire supply chain. This  partnership brings together Lori’s technology and Imperial’s logistics expertise to drive similar  efficiencies in Southern African markets. 

“We believe digital freight exchanges are a compelling business model in emerging markets that  complement Imperial’s traditional strength in contracted road freight,” said Llew Claasen,  Managing Partner, Newtown Partners. “We have considered many road freight investment  opportunities on the African continent and believe that the Lori Systems team, product, and the  opportunity that presents itself through the Imperial partnership will create a lot of value.”  

Beyond the African continent, Lori has drawn increased interest from frontier markets experiencing similar challenges, where Lori’s technology can provide digital solutions and add value. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the critical need to ensure efficiency in logistics and  transportation and digital solutions.  

The partnership between Imperial and Lori Systems will provide additional support in Lori’s established East and West African markets and facilitate Lori’s expansion across Southern African markets.  

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