Coronavirus Pay Cut

How to Augment Your Income After a Coronavirus Pay Cut

The Prime Minister of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, and his ministers have agreed to take 33% pay cuts for the next three months, according to Quartz Africa. All throughout Africa, pay cuts are becoming a fact of life, as companies scramble to survive in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re dealing with a pay cut, too, these tips will help you to augment your income during this uncertain time. While job hunting is challenging at any time, there are plenty of opportunities out there if you know where to look and how to make your CV shine. Plus, assistance from the government and charities may also be available for your benefit.

Consider making money online

Jobs in the community, such as restaurant service or warehouse staffing, may be available, but with the ease and rise of remote working, you may prefer to look for employment that is entirely online. In addition to seeking full-time employment online, consider searching for a virtual gig that allows you to rake in a little extra cash, such as filling out online surveys. A range of paid survey sites are open to Africans, including Paid Viewpoint, E-Research-Global, and Cinchbucks.

Some survey websites pay in cash or bitcoin, while others offer points that may be redeemed for vouchers. Vouchers can be used to purchase goods from companies. Before doing paid surveys online, research which companies are involved in the survey’s voucher program. It’s critical to look up reviews and read the fine print, so that you do not become victim to a survey scam.

Do freelance work on the Internet

While the pandemic is shrinking the job market, there are still people out there who are making a significant salary from home. Some of these professionals are freelance writers, web designers, and virtual assistants, to name a few. If you’re interested in getting involved with the freelance employment scene, which is also known as the gig economy, your first step should be polishing your CV or resume until it shines. Once you’ve created a resume that details your objective, education, and experience, you’ll be ready for the next step, which is signing up for a variety of online freelance agencies. such as Upwork or People Per Hour. After you sign up, browse the sites for available job opportunities. You may also need to set up an online portfolio that shows off your work. Bid lower for jobs at the start to boost the odds of getting hired. Later on, once you’ve built a solid reputation, you will be able to charge more for your services.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Each African nation will have its own programs that benefit workers who have taken pay cuts or lost their jobs. There are also initiatives designed to help small businesses weather the changes, including South Africa’s Debt Relief Fund, which is overseen by the Department of Small Business Development. If you’re not making enough to make ends meet, be sure to reach out for help. From federal and local government programs to food banks and other charitable initiatives, there are many options if you’re cash-strapped. 

Now that you know more about ways to make money, you’ll be ready to augment your income after taking a coronavirus pay cut. During this time, it’s smart to explore a host of options rather than focussing on just one way of earning money. A combination of online work and government/charity assistance may be a winning formula.

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