Guinea Court Sentences Media Regulators to Prison Over Junta Bribery Claim

Two media regulators in Guinea, Djene Diaby and Tawel Camara, were sentenced to eight months in prison and fined $116 each for alleging that media heads received bribes from the ruling military junta in return for favorable coverage. Their lawyer, Kemoko Malick Diakite, stated that he intends to appeal the decision. Their accusations had led to suspensions on the basis of “gross misconduct” by their employer, the High Authority for Communication. It had also led to defamation charges being brought against them by Guinea’s head of state, followed by detainment in Conakry’s central prison. During their sentencing, the two commissioners apologized for their statements, admitting they had no proof for their claims. The media heads they accused of taking bribes have also revealed plans to lodge complaints against them.


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