Google Celebrates Africa Day With Immersive Art, African Music And Stories

As Africa gears up for Africa Day, an event that marks the founding of the African Union and celebrates the continent’s quest for unity, Google is unveiling a range of programs and activities to celebrate Africa’s diverse cultural heritage and provide opportunities for people all over the world to experience and engage with the creativity and richness of Africa.

Among the programs is the addition of six new pocket galleries on Google Arts & Culture, curated by esteemed partners from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, these pocket galleries offer an immersive experience of virtual exhibitions, providing a 360-degree view of artworks and artefacts, effectively allowing people to step into the heart of Africa’s cultural scene from wherever they are.

Partners include the Yemisi Shyllon Museum and Terra Kulture from Nigeria, the Mohamed Amin Foundation and National Museums of Kenya, and the University of Pretoria from South Africa. Each partner will present unique exhibitions that celebrate their respective regions, providing a diverse exploration of Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

In previous years, YouTube Music has held the Africa Day Concert, showcasing present and next-generation African music talents. This year, YouTube Music will unveil an AfricaDay playlist, featuring popular and trending songs from various African artists. This initiative will also involve the public, who will have the opportunity to submit their favourite African songs via YouTube Shorts for a chance for it to potentially feature on the playlist.

The celebrations will also highlight African storytelling traditions through the “Stories and Storytellers of Africa” initiative on YouTube which will spotlight an extensive collection of African movies and series, celebrating the creators who bring these narratives to life. Alongside this, the “Showcase Your Africa” initiative will see YouTube partnering with content creators to share their perspectives on Africa, providing a glimpse into the continent’s diversity.

Speaking on these initiatives, Country Director for South Africa, Alistair Mokoena said, “Africa Day is a celebration of progress, unity, and the vibrant cultures that define the continent. We are excited that we can amplify these stories and experiences on our platforms. From exploring our rich artistic heritage through Google Arts & Culture, to dancing along to the #CelebrateAfrica playlist on YouTube Music, and engaging with compelling narratives on YouTube, we are happy to share and celebrate Africa’s culture with the world.”

For more information on the Africa Day commemoration program, visit Google’s official website or follow Google Africa’s twitter account at @GoogleAfrica.

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