Genre-Bending Namakau Star Presents Her Debut EP, Landing; An Ethereal Ode To Freedom And Flow

No stranger to reinvention, this multifaceted musical force has come back stronger than ever with a tribute to authenticity and freedom, dreamily packaged in a 7 track EP, LANDING. Her first Single “Rewind” leading up to her EP was due for release on the 20th of April 2022, through Paradise Sound System. The second one “Seazn Luv” follows on the 13th of May!

An eclectic bouquet of sound and influence, each track pays tribute to Namakau’s unique mix of Hip Hop and R&B delivered with a combination of soulful lyricism and vibrant instrumentals. This singer-songwriter and rapper weaves effortlessly between spoken and sung while the production of each track adds to the soulful experience one can expect from this innovative artist.

The foundation of Namakau’s musical journey began as “iindirhe” under which she debuted the GLTTR EP, a prelude to what was to come with her reemergence as Namakau Star and the much anticipated LANDING EP.

In 2021 the release of the singles Trance and Floating garnered support and recognition from several platforms including Apple Music’s curated playlists, the Queens of RnB segment on MTV Base and publications such as Hype Magazine, Texx in the city, and BreakRoomAfrica.

Known as the “Vibe Goddess” by her loyal supporters, Namakau Star promises a sonic journey of sound with this new body of work and fans and industry stakeholders alike should brace themselves for a futuristic kind of sound, complete with broken barriers and blended genres.

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