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Gabon Prepares To Open Oil, Gas And Power Opportunities, Stimulate COVID-19 Recovery

  • Gabon Oil & Power, taking place on March 15-16, 2021, in Libreville, will be the leading investment platform for Gabon’s oil, gas and power industries.
  • The conference will showcase the country’s investment appeal which includes a long-established history of oil discoveries, a renewed and attractive petroleum code and a new push for power generation projects.
  • The event will gather stakeholders and investors to promote the development and expansion of Gabon’s energy sector as a pillar of economic development and a means to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Africa Oil & Power (AOP), together with the African Energy Chamber, will organize the first Gabon Oil & Power 2021 conference on March 15-16 in Libreville. The event will be the prime energy investment platform for one of Africa’s most established oil and gas markets and will provide the venue to showcase oil, gas and power investment opportunities in the post-COVID-19 recovery period.

While Gabon is capitalizing on the success of its new and improved Petroleum Code –which has attracted the interest of a myriad of international exploration and production companies and has seen several new production sharing agreements signed in its 2020 bid round – Gabon Oil & Power 2021 is the ideal platform for policymakers, investors and dealmakers to network and discuss the future of the industry.

The growing interest in renewable power generation solutions and Gabon’s continued stewardship of the environment will be showcased during high-level panel discussions, while economic diversification, empowerment of women through the global Equalby30 initiative, and local content policies will also be highlighted at the event. 

“Gabon’s recent changes to its oil and gas legal framework, combined with its proven history of oil success and offering of new opportunities in offshore acreage makes it one of the most appealing oil markets on the continent right now. Gabon Oil & Power 2021 will be the vehicle through which those investment opportunities will be better showcased to all relevant stakeholders in the industry,” said João Gaspar Marques, Director at Africa Oil & Power. 

Gabon Oil & Power 2021 is one of a series of country-specific and industry-wide conferences organized by AOP throughout the continent, including events in Angola, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan, Senegal, Mozambique and Nigeria. AOP will work with all actors in the Gabonese oil, gas and power sectors, from government officials to private sector players, to define opportunities and help new and existing investors find success in the market. 

Find out more about Gabon’s energy industry and about the event at If you would like to get involved with the conference as a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact

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