FuzeeJasmine Strikes A Chord Across Africa With New “Next Of Kin” Music Video

Rising African music sensation FuzeeJasmine is back with a bang, captivating audiences across South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana with the release of his latest single, “Next Of Kin”, accompanied by an equally stunning music video. 

“Next Of Kin” is an electrifying blend of Afrobeat rhythms and soulful melodies, showcasing FuzeeJasmine’s talent and solidifying FuzeeJasmine’s position as one of the most exciting voices in African music today. Shot against the vibrant backdrop of Dakar, Senegal, the accompanying music video for “Next Of Kin ” complementing the song’s infectious energy and feel-good vibes. Watch the video here: 

Fuzeejasmine – Next Of Kin (Official Music Video)

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, FuzeeJasmine has quickly risen through the ranks of the music scene. Born in a ghetto district of Lagos to his mother, a trader and food seller, and his dad an actor. “Creating success in the music business didnt come easy,” says FuzeeJasmine. “In the beginning I stayed with my mom, sleeping on buses and working as a full time cleaner in order to record tracks in the studio while feeding my family”.

“Next Of Kin ” marks the latest milestone in FuzeeJasmine’s meteoric rise to fame, following the success of his previous hit Dangbana. With its irresistible groove and infectious energy, the single is poised to become a summer anthem, captivating listeners around the globe and solidifying FuzeeJasmine’s status as a true star on the rise.

Fans can stream or download “Next Of Kin” on all major music platforms. For the latest news and updates on FuzeeJasmine, follow him on social media @FuzeeJasmine.

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