From Refugee To Africa’s Best Rapper: Finland Based DK Balafu Is Gaining Acquisition Of The Rap Game

Born and bred in the war zone of Uvira in Congo, Iddi Asumani’s story is that of perseverance, persistence, and that of sheer hard work and hustle which will probably get the attention of his Hip Hop peers in the game. Dk Balafu being his most famous subsidiary, he started schooling in neighboring countries like Burundi, Tanzania and Malawi, staying in Malawi for 12 years where he finished high school.

He started out a dancer in a crew of four others at the age of 15 years working on paid choreography and variety of skills, but due to the difficulties of life due to the skirmishes and political unrest he quit dancing to start a hip hop movement and while at it he participated in a number of competitions that saw his name get even more praises.

Migrating from Congo at an early age, DK Balafu’s love for his craft, skill and relatable lyrics helped him win over the respect of his peers and fans alike. Along with his energetic performances and commanding stage presence, he is one of the most sought after performers, sharing the stage with major A-list artists.

In 2017, he began releasing a series of his infamous singles, “Warrior” “Love Love” “Ghetto” ‘Mr. Hunter” among others. The songs went on to secure him sets at various international festivals and conferences such as Valkea show, Fest Africa Festival in Tampere, Afro Finn Achievement award festival among other great festivals.

Listen to Mambo Vipi

Despite the fact that he was miles away from home living in another country as a refugee he still held on his dream of being the best rapper across the globe.

“Life in the refugee camp was difficult with different problems not limited to sickness and malnutrition but that made me more focused and goal oriented because all I wanted was to save my situation at that time, only music could help me save the situation so there was loosening the rope,” says Dk Balafu.

He continues to narrate, “On the 27th day of May, 2015 I got the chance to board a plane to Finland and I have never looked back even for a second because it is all I ever wanted, to save my situation.”

Balafu’s musical journey can be summed up in two words, ‘Brutal Ambition.’ Whether it is 13 years ago while in primary school and managing to escape war in Congo, to beginning a dance crew to finance his music career you cannot fail to acknowledge the efforts of this ambitious rapper.

Versatility can be said to be his other name since he is ready to experiment with different genres unlike many rappers whose, flows, wit and sounds become monotonous with each new day. His latest cover of Tanzania’s top singer and label owner; Diamond Platnumz , “Jeje” is the bulls eye in a flirtatious point of view.

Listen to Mr. Hunter

In an attempt to test waters and push boundaries, he raps about where he views himself within the industry while at the same time looking at where he is coming from and where he is headed. It is a logical attempt to underscore all these factors, seeing that Dk Balafu is now able to indulge in some of the things he is talking about!

Hot on the heels of her very-well-received latest single Mafuta, Finlad based rapper Dk Balafu has followed it up with another huge single – Mambo Vipi – again produced by hip hop dude of the moment, M-Double. With dark edgy production from M-Double, Balafu is free to work some serious flow with his silky smooth delivery, and announces himself as a major player on Finland’s incredibly exciting emerging hip hop scene.

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