Francisco Zulu Is Designing A New World Of Music With New Music Streaming Service, MyNyimbo


Nothing is constant but change, therefore there is no longer any reason why you can’t rewrite the narrative that has already been written. Francisco Zulu, founder and CEO of MyNyimbo, is changing the narrative when it comes to music streaming. Why? Because the artist aren’t getting paid, and word to Lauryn Hill, every artist is sensitive about their sh*t.

Francisco Zulu, a Zambia, Africa native was introduced to music at a young age. His parents were a part of a successful band, but during the 70’s, music in Zambia wasn’t supported, and there wasn’t any true monetary gain from it. As it remained a passion, the self-made boss, moved to America in 2005 and learned all the tools and skills he needed to succeed in the music world. He went from beat boxing and co-writing to becoming a true music lover with a true passion for providing a platform that met independent artists’ needs.

Francisco got his start with providing artists with a platform to showcase their music with his open-mic series, “The Unsigned Artist Exposed.” This showcase showed Francisco that there were many artists with true potential who deserved to have their music heard all over the world.

MyNyimbo is a new world music and distribution company, think radio station meets music store. The strategic marketing plan is implemented to promote the music through radio, and sell it, to ensure the artist are at the forefront of their own music and getting all the checks. “It isn’t cheap to make music, and now-a-days, the artists are basically giving out their music for free,” says Francisco.

Artists and management have always had a love hate relationship when it comes to music distribution and checks being fairly cut. The new direction of music involves likes, views and shares, similar to Africa in the 70’s, there is no true monetary gain, unlike streaming services like Spotify, where artists gain about $90 for every 1 million streams. MyNyimbo was created with the perfect structure as it serves as an independent digital label, with services such as Marketing, Licensing and Distribution for exclusive and non-exclusive artist. This means any artist can submit their music to company’s website to have it played and have a chance to negotiate deals with the company.

The MyNyimbo roster is already filling up with unique international and national artists such as Leo ‘K’Millian’ Moyo. Leo is a Zambian artist who is currently featured on the MyNyimbo website. He has spent over 21 weeks on the number 1 in the Zambian charts and local countdowns. Most of his songs follow a popular way of mixing sentences so that a sentence can start in English, punctuated in Nyanja and ending in Bemba- a popular way of communicating in Lusaka. Francisco is designing a new world of music, as music is the number one language that can bring out emotion and reach the entire world.

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