Five African Countries With The Best Education System In 2023

If you ask students, they frequently complain about their education. And, of course, their main focus is the education system. The main criticism is directed towards the system not keeping up with the ever-changing world. 

On the one hand, you can agree with students. However, on the other hand, you can’t really blame the system for not keeping up with the world where something that is trending this second is completely forgotten the next instant. 

Frequently, students complain about being taught obsolete things, which is not always true. Sometimes, the subject is not the problem, but the teaching style of the professor may make students think that subjects like English literature are obsolete. That’s why they would rather check the DoMyEssay review and order a paper on the obsolete subject than write it on their own. And it’s totally understandable. 

Yet, when someone complains about the education system they have in their home country, they tend to believe that things are more or less the same around the globe. But that’s not true. The education system varies from country to country. And things change all the time. 

This year, around forty African countries ranked among the most educated ones. Let’s check out the top five African countries with the best education system. 


When you think about Kenya, the first thing that pops up in your head is tourism. Indeed, the country is known for its wildlife, which attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. But it’s typical for tourists not to notice what’s going on with the education system of the country they are visiting. 

For your information, around 18% of Kenya’s budget is being spent on education. And those spending allowed Kenya to rank among the most educated countries in Africa. 

With a population of over fifty million people, Kenya has a literacy rate of around 79%, according to the UNESCO report. The education program lasts for sixteen years. 

The compulsory primary education is eight years, which is followed by four years of high school education and four years of higher education. 

The government of Kenya is determined to continue uplifting the country’s education system.


You may get the impression that if the country is rich in something like gas or oil, the population of the country will benefit from exporting those goods. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

Fortunately for Tunisia, which is rich in oil, the country’s government is focused on revitalizing the educational system. The government spends approximately 13% of its budget, which puts Tunisia among the top African countries in terms of education. 

With the constant growth of the government’s expenditure on education, Tunisia’s literacy rate also grew. For example, upon gaining independence from France in 1956, the total literacy rate among Tunisians was just 15%. Nowadays, thanks to governmental accomplishments in revamping the education system, the literacy rate in the country is nearing the 82% mark in 2023.


Upon gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in 1968, Mauritius had the same problems with literacy rate as Kenya when becoming independent from France. Education became one of the main focuses of the Mauritanian Government right after the adoption of the new constitution. Unfortunately, the available data on the literacy rate can be traced back only to 1990, but at that time, it was nearing 80% already.

While it may seem that spending 5% of its budget is low, it’s quite enough to keep the population of the country, which is just over 1.2 million, educated. The strange thing in this case is that education expenditure has decreased for the past five years while the literacy rate in Mauritius has continued to grow. 

As of 2023, the literacy rate in the country is 92.15%, which makes Mauritius one of the most educated countries on the continent. 

South Africa

South Africa has a paleontological site that has been dubbed “the Cradle of Humankind.” The country contains some of the oldest fossil and archeological sites in the world. Of course, that works as a tourist attraction. 

South Africa has a rich and, at times, tragic history. And it can be considered to have the best education system in Africa. The country maintained a strong literacy rate throughout the 20th century and continues this tradition to this day.

The literacy rate in South Africa in 2023 is over 95%, one of the highest on the continent. This is possible thanks to the fact that the South African government spends approximately 20% of its budget on education. With all that said, it is no surprise that the country’s universities are among the most prestigious in Africa. 


Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa, which makes little surprise given that it’s located on the island with a total area of 176 square miles. It’s also the least populated country in Africa, with a bit more than 100,000 inhabitants. Despite that, Seychelles is the most educated country in Africa. But to be fair, the small population makes it easier for the government to provide a proper education for all of its citizens.

The literacy rate in Seychelles as of 2023 is 95.9%, which means that about 4,000 people in the country are not able to read or write. The government of the country spends approximately 10% of its budget on education. 

Final Thoughts

The list above is incomplete, as, without taking into account two disputed areas, there are 54 countries in Africa. 38 African countries ranked this year among the countries with quality education. The five in this article are those with the best education system in Africa. 

If we were to make the top ten, Algeria, Ghana, Namibia, Egypt, and Libya would’ve been added to the list.

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