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Durban, South Africa

Africa’s 25 Most Liveable Cities

Is your city competitive economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally?Many cities on the continent offer attractive environments in which to do business, and the quality of living...

Time To Step Up

The need to include men in the feminist conversation. Highlighting that this generation of African women are the daughters of the UN conference in Beijing held in 1995. What are we doing...
ALU students - flags

ALU Recognized By Global Institutions

Fred Swaniker has been on a roll over these last two months.  Last week he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People in the World.  And last month,...

Stakeholders Talk On Nigeria Oil And Gas Free Zones

Stakeholders talk Oil and Gas Free Zones as viable grounds for promoting sustainable development goals and also discuss the triple bottom line criteria for sustainable development - economic growth, social inclusion and...

How You Can Help Save The Bees, One Hive At A Time

Bees are dying off in record numbers, but ecologist Noah Wilson-Rich is interested in something else: Where are bees healthy and thriving? To find out, he recruited citizen scientists across the US...

Study Reveals SA’s Economic & Social Decline The Worst Of Nations Not At War

According to Eunomix Business and Economics, South Africa’s social, economic and political field has deteriorated more in the past 12 years, than any other nation that is not at war. The political...

How To Keep Human Bias Out Of AI

AI algorithms make important decisions about you all the time like how much you should pay for car insurance or whether or not you get that job interview. But what happens when...
Young people view agriculture more positively than often assumed.

What Young Zambians Have To Say About Making Farming Attractive

Thomas Daum, University of HohenheimAfrica has the youngest population of any continent – 60% are under age 25. While this has evoked both hope and fear, it...

Reshaping Africa’s Healthcare

According to the World Health Organisation, if African countries cannot achieve universal health coverage, the region will likely suffer a loss of about 2.4 trillion dollars annually. Doctor Michael Obeng, Owner of...
Gorilla selfie

Virunga Gorilla’s Get In On The Selfie Craze

Social media sensations 'Ndakasi and Matabishi' are mastering the art of the selfie.The two gorillas at Virunga National Park in Congo looked extraordinarily human-like as they posed...
sudan iconic image

All The Latest Events In Sudan

All the latest events in Sudan as protesters keep up demands for civilian rule after Omar al-Bashir's removal.

South Africa – A Medical Tourism Destination?

Medical tourism has been in existence for centuries. It is traveling outside of one’s area of residence to another area, with the primary objective of receiving medical services in the destination location.

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