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Nutrition Africa

Nutrition: The Best Investment For A Developing Africa

There is evident correlation between countries with high levels of children under five years of age who are stunted or wasted and the existence of political instability and/or frequent exposure to natural...
Mental Health Care

Why Africa Needs To Focus On Its Mental Health Care

Everyone needs to focus more on mental health care, but Africa has a larger gap in available help for those with mental health issues. Nigeria and Ethiopia have a major treatment gap...
Ghana’s National Sanitation Day

Ghana’s National Sanitation Day: Five Years Of Progress

It is no secret that Ghana has struggled with sanitation challenges in the past

Nigeria’s Map Regulation: What Are Its Opportunities & Challenges?

The race to close Nigeria’s 5 million metering gap took a turn for the better after the Meter Asset Provider Regulation took effect in April last year. Since then about 108 firms...
Child Safety

Child Safety Remains Top Priority In South Africa

On Saturday 22 September 2018, Nicholis Ninow brutally raped a 7-year-old girl in the bathroom of the Dros restaurant in Silverton, Pretoria. On the morning of Monday, 2 September 2019, 6-year-old Amy'Leigh de Jager...
Africa's Startups

Public-Private Partnerships Are Key To Creating An Enabling Environment For Africa’s Startups

One thing that Africa has no shortage of is entrepreneurs. However, it is in the creation of an enabling environment – a startup ecosystem - that will see entrepreneurs make a real...
land reform

OpEd: Lessons From The Prudhoe Community Land Claim

The following OP-ED is a collaborative effort by Zimkhitha Mhlahlo, Teddy Weinstein, Cecile van Schalkwyk and Cameron McConnachie of the LRCReady for Restitution? The People...

Diaspora Community Playing Key Role In Rwanda’s Development

Ever since Rwanda Day was introduced in 2010, there has been a steady increase in remittances and Rwandans living abroad have played a significant role in the country’s transformation. Diaspora remittances were...

Why I Believe In Africa: Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

Dreams; what is the size of yours? Big enough to purchase a gulfstream Jetliner? The African continent is rising with lots of young people thinking through solutions to problems the continent faced...
African Farmers

Agro-Tech Offers Answers For African Farmers At Iowa Meet

Experts vaunted new strains of seeds, drone aircraft and other technological breakthroughs as solutions-in-the-making for farmers in Africa, where hunger, drought and food price hikes are continent-wide problems.At...
Seniors health In Africa

How To Improve Quality Of Life For Seniors In Africa

The population of elderly people in Africa is projected to hit 67 million by 2025 and 165 million by 2050, according to the World Health Organisation. African people are living longer than...

Q&A: Holistic Land Management – Only A Movement Can Prevent Desertification

Desertification is not cheap. It has social, cultural, environmental and of course economic costs to reverse what it destroys.According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) the scourge...

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