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Investments In Rail Transport Essential For The Success Of Africa’s Free-trade Area

Africa is on the cusp of launching a free-trade zone that could meaningfully boost economic growth and unlock the continent’s vast potential.

Let Plants Be Thy Medicine – You Are What You Eat

United Nations World Food Day is celebrated around the world on October 16 under the theme: “Our Actions ARE Our Future. Healthy Diets for a Zero Hunger World”. This theme is timely, especially,...

Meddy On How He Turned Music Into A Career In Rwanda

Rwanda's creative industry is one of the youngest in East Africa and it is steadily growing despite the challenges. On this episode of Captains of Industry, Meddy, one of the successful artists...
Africa’s Mineral Wealth

Africa’s Mineral Wealth May Just Have To Stay In The Ground To Protect A...

As a result of climate change, resource extraction industries in Africa will be impacted by asset stranding, researchers say.“Stranding implies that several natural assets are going to become...

Will Nigeria Cover Its Metering Gap In 3 Years?

Nigeria's electricity regulator Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) recently issued a directive on the process through which electricity customers can procure meters through the Meter Asset Provider Scheme. To assess Nigeria's efforts...

Africa Continues To Be Ripe For Investment

Julien Fouriot, sales director for Africa at Crosscall, the French specialists of phones designed for outdoor environments.Even though economic growth is slowing globally, technology innovation is unlocking unparalleled...

Telecoms, A Key Driver For Development In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s economy has been on the verge of collapse for two decades, but the telecoms sector could be a significant driver of an economic turnaround, if properly regulated.Like most African countries, Zimbabwe...
Linden Birns

Unmanned Airborne Systems Cohabiting Africa’s Skies

Lets optimise them, but think smart about safetyMuhammad Albakri – Regional Vice President IATA Africa and the Middle EastUnmanned Airborne Systems (UAS) are increasingly...

Entrepreneurial Edge: From SA To Dubai, How This African Restaurant Went Global

The tough world of running Africa’s biggest purveyor of fish, in a sea of new regulations and growing competition – Ocean Basket CEO, Grace Harding opens up on the difficulties of serving...

10 Most Popular African Coffee Brands

African coffee culture has recently been brewing up a storm. A heightened growth in strong, domestic consumer markets have been seen, as well as an increase in café culture within Africa’s urban areas.  With...
African Development Bank

African Development Bank Plans For A Self-sufficient, Integrated And Industrialised Continent

Arama Sire Camara, a fruit and vegetable seller in the province of Kindia, some 135 km from the Guinean capital of Conakry, feels safer trading well into the night thanks to the...
Africa Technology Innovation

Africa Needs To Invest More In Technology Innovation

In today’s day and age, technology is integrated into everyday life.

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