Exploring The Sahara Desert

By Nomvelo Masango

Although it may look like there is nothing but sand and sky, the Sahara Desert is actually worth exploring. It boasts magical sunsets, as well as unbelievable beauty and tranquility.

There are also a number of interesting activities to partake in. As you explore the Sahara Desert, here are a few things to do:

Camping and stargazing

Also known as the ‘desert of dreams’, a camping experience at the Sahara Desert offers the exciting opportunity to sleep under a million stars. Watching the sun set and rise from a tented camp is an experience nothing short of amazing and awe-inspiring. A camp fire is also the perfect spot to keep warm or prepare a tasty meal under the stars. With no light pollution, the Sahara Desert’s night sky will leave you in complete awe.

Quad biking through the dunes

Quad biking is a fun way to explore the idyllic Sahara Desert on four wheels. One or two hour guided sessions can easily be arranged for exploration, ans well as the chance to visit local villages and discover palm groves. Be careful though! The dunes may appear soft and gentle but you can very easily injure yourself if you come too fast or from an awkward angle.

Sand surfing

Sand surfing is a popular sport in the Sahara. There are plenty of opportunities to hire sand boards and to pump some adrenaline as you explore the dunes. If you are active and adventurous, this is an experience which is definitely worth considering.


The Sahara Desert has some interesting wildlife, and some animals are more readily noticeable than others. The desert fox occasionally leaves traces of its overnight presence, and some people are even lucky enough to spot the actual fox too. There are also gazelles, monkeys and addax antelopes which can be spotted.

Cycling the Sahara

Cycling the Sahara with an experienced guide is an excellent way to learn more about the desert, its history and its culture. As you pedal the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains and the majestic sand dunes, you will get to know the destination through an experience like no other.

Sourced from Getaway

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