“ETHIOPIA TAMRIT EXPO 2024” – Promoted in Brussels in Collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific(CBL ACP)

Ambassador Hirut zemene Kassa and Mr. Thomas De Belue, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific(CBL ACP) jointly led a business seminar held on 28th of March 2024 at the Embassy premises. The CEO of the CBL- ACP Mr. Tanguy Briey has also graced the event by addressing the audience.

In her welcoming remark H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene urged participants to rededicate efforts in fostering the business links between Ethiopia and Belgium at the level that matches the 118 years diplomatic relations. She also encouraged participants to partake in the upcoming ‘’ETHIOPIA TAMIRT EXPO 2024’’ to be held in Addis Ababa form 9-13 May 2024 and explore opportunities to do business in the manufacturing sector.

An in depth brief was made by Mr. Terefe Dida, from the Embassy of Ethiopia Business Diplomacy Section on why Belgian businesses should eye Ethiopia as an investment destination. Dr Fasika Mekete, representative of the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, also gave an extensive brief on opportunities to invest in the pharmaceutical sector in Ethiopia. Mr. Jonathan Seys, from Ebury, a finance institute, shared his views on the overall economic situation in Ethiopia. Highlights of “ETHIOPIA TAMIRT EXPO 2024’’ were presented by Mr. Yonas Mekuria, the representative of the Ministry of Industry of Ethiopia.

The event brought together over 50 participants that range from representatives of Trade and investment bureaux, business representatives from the Healthcare, Agro-investment, Pharmaceutical Construction, Energy, and Oil&Gas as well as consultancy firms.

Secretary General Thomas De Belue, made a concluding remark at the event by encouraging participants to strengthen the business link between Ethiopia and Belgium and thanking partners and sponsors of the event. The embassy of Ethiopia expresses its gratitude to Mr. Thomas De Beule Secretary General of CBL-ACP and Yvan De Connick Board Member of the Chamber for partnering with the embassy in staging the event.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels.

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