Eritrea: Workshop on Tigre Language Oral Poetry

A workshop focusing on the oral poetry of the Tigre language convened today, 1 March, at the Asmara Palace Hotel. The event was attended by Ministers, regional administrators, senior Government and PFDJ officials, as well as guests from various parts of the country.

Ambassador Zemede Tekle, the Commissioner of Culture and Sports, delivered the keynote address. He highlighted that the workshop is part of an ongoing effort to study, document, and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Eritrea’s ethnic groups, underscoring the unity in diversity of the Eritrean people.

Ambassador Zemede further disclosed that the workshop aims to finalize a comprehensive 600-page research book depicting the lifestyle, nationalism, heroism, ethics, and work ethic of the Tigre ethnic community.

Mr. Solomon Tsehaye, a noted author and cultural researcher, acknowledged that the work is a continuation of the project initiated by the Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Education in 1995, albeit with limited capacity to collect and conduct research on traditional folklores. He commended the author of the book for his hard work.

The workshop is scheduled to continue through March 3rd.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.

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