Enjoy An African Cruise To Cape Town

By the end of 2018  about 20 million people will have voyaged on a cruise to different parts of the world. You can join a significant number of these voyagers who will be heading to Africa. On the Atlantic side of the continent you can pick up traditional prints in Ghana, bird watch in Senegal and explore the archipelago of Cape Verde.  Right at the bottom tip of the continent you can tour the city at the foot of the famous Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Cape Town’s diverse Architecture

Cape Town’s architecture is a result of its history of colonizers, settlers and slaves.  Its rich urban texture features architectural styles inspired by the Dutch, French and the English.  For instance, buildings with the famous grand ornately rounded gables are evidence of Dutch influence.

A hiker’s dream

You need to spend time outdoors when you get to Cape Town because that is the only way you will get to hike, picnic, sunbathe and use a mountain bike to tour around the city.  It is a beautiful culture-rich destination  with lots of activities and sights that will keep you busy having fun for the rest of your stay. Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain is a hikers dream, and probably the first thing you will notice when your cruise ship arrives.

You can climb the mountain by cable car or on foot and get to see incredible views of the city from the top. For people not interested in the outdoors, there are several museums and art exhibitions scattered around the city. You can also choose to relax at the beach and enjoy the view from the sea.

Is it a vineyard or a restaurant?

In the west of Cape Town lie towns like Stellenbosch and Franschhoek that are famous for their never ending vineyards.  If you are interested in wine tasting, you will have to prioritize wineries likely to have wines that you love because there are hundreds of vineyards to choose from.  In Stellenbosch you can drop into wine farms such as Babylonstoren, which is an all in one winery, garden, hotel, restaurant and shop. You can buy or taste wines like the Armilla Blanc de Blanc, La Chataigne Semillon 2012, Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, 1682 Brut Pinot Noir 2013 and more.

The food is to die for

The restaurants in the wine farms serve meals from fresh ingredients grown just a few steps away from the tables.  Their menus are deceptively simple but the food is delicately prepared. There are places where you can set up a picnic on the lawn with wine, meat, cheese, and bread.

The best time to cruise to Cape Town is when the seas are calm and the weather is sunny.  Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with unique culture and history, excellent wines and breathtaking nature.  It is a destination you will want to come back to.

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