DP World Dakar Sets New Monthly Record In Throughput, Cementing Its Role In Advancing Senegal’s Trade And Economic Landscape

Highest container handling performance in a single month since DP World began operations in Senegal in 2008

DP World’s container terminal at the Port of Dakar has set a new record by handling 77,680 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in April 2024, surpassing the previous 76,282 set in March 2023. This performance is now the highest monthly container throughput since the commencement of its operations in Senegal in 2008.

This landmark achievement underscores DP World Dakar’s unwavering commitment to bolstering the nation’s trade infrastructure. It marks a significant milestone in its journey towards facilitating seamless and efficient trade for Senegal and the broader West African region.

“We are immensely proud of this landmark achievement as we focus on optimising sea and landside cargo handling within the terminal. At DP World, we remain committed to providing smart and innovative solutions to our customers. By doing so, we are not just setting a new standard for excellence in the industry, but also paving the way for a future where efficiency and innovation go hand in hand,” said Clarence Rodrigues, CEO of DP World Dakar.

Over the past 16 years, DP World has invested over $300 million in modernising the Port of Dakar, transforming it from a facility that handled 265,000 TEUs annually in 2008 to a state-of-the-art terminal that has handled 800,000 TEUs annually in 2023. This has positively impacted trade, economic expansion, and job creation.

DP World has significantly improved the availability of goods for communities across Senegal and beyond, reinforcing the Port of Dakar’s status as the most efficient terminal in West Africa and a leading example of operational excellence on the African continent.

DP World is also investing USD 1 billion in the ongoing construction of the port of Ndayane, which will significantly boost Senegal’s trade position.

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