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The #1 Selling Domain Name Dedicated to All of Africa

The .COM for Africa

With domain names, you combine unmatched visibility, stability, security and reliability of .com with the keyword Africa, that describe the fastest growing economies of the world with Africa’s One Billion citizens.

Whether you’re an established registrar, or up-and-coming, the domain extension should be a standard in your portfolio of African domains.

It really is the most effective African domain name representing the entire continent.  That is 54 countries of Africa in one space for one affordable price!  

Your customers will appreciate that domain names are restriction-free and the fast registration process takes only minutes. domain names are restriction-free with easy registration!

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

We have partnered with DNS, a world class technical registry provider with its roots in Africa and its aspirations on the world.

Registrars can sell domains using DNS’s registrar program.

It is easy to sign-up and enables you to reap immediate rewards by providing your organisation with the operational capability to supply domain names to a highly receptive market.

A DNS Portal™ Account provides a single point for accreditation, technical integration, MIS, domain provisioning and registry fund management across DNS supported registries.

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