Disney Taps Top African Toon Talents for Anthology ‘Kizazi Moto’

As part of an ongoing quest to develop content by and for Africans, Disney has just assembled a team of Africa’s top animation talents to develop a new film anthology, which will stream on the Disney Plus platform in late 2022.  Inspired by traditional African stories, the new series will include action-packed fantasies from a uniquely African perspective. Inspired by the continent’s diverse histories and cultures, the 10-part anthology brings together a slate of rising animation talents from six African nations to produce action-packed sci-fi and fantasy stories that will present bold visions of advanced technology, aliens, spirits and monsters imagined from uniquely African perspectives. “‘Kizazi Moto’ derives from the Swahili phrase ‘kizazi cha moto,’ which literally translates as ‘fire generation,’ capturing the passion, innovation and excitement this new cohort of African filmmakers is ready to bring to the world,” said Nyeke. “‘Moto’ also means fire in several other African languages, from Rwanda’s Kinyarwanda to Shona, a Zimbabwean language, speaking to the pan-African spirit we hope this anthology embodies.”


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