Darren Scharneck Releases First Single, “Go!”

Off Upcoming EP Set For Release In 2022

SA’s Darren Scharneck has released his first single titled “Go!” off his upcoming EP set for release in the new year. 

Darren explains the inspiration behind the track. “Go!” was inspired by the basic human need for companionship and the age-old love story. Yet, having a crush or falling in love isn’t always as simple as it’s made to seem in the movies sometimes. We need to have the courage to tell the person how we feel and hope they feel the same. However, this story has a happy ending, and so the track is more upbeat and on the positive, “dreamy” side of life. I’m a dreamer and so I encourage everyone else to dream big,” 

Listen to “Go!” here https://spinnup.link/484246-go 

When deciding on which track should be the first released off the upcoming six-track EP, he explains that the title “Go!” actually has a double meaning for him. “In the literal sense of the song, it speaks about feeling ready to take a love interest to the next level by being bold enough to tell that person – which I hope many will be able to relate to. On a personal level and in terms of my music career, I’m in a space where I’m ready to “Go!” – all out with creating music, sharing it, performing, and truly living what I feel is my passion.”

When asked what it was like to have worked on the EP, Darren explains – Working on my first EP has been a huge learning for me. Since the EP is a full body of work, it requires a lot more time, thought, and planning. Creatively, I’ve been in my element, writing, recording, working with other talented creatives like my producers, and being able to express myself creatively. But I’m really proud of the product and I’m very excited to share it with everyone.” 

With the entertainment industry taking a huge knock due to the pandemic, it can be difficult for anyone to keep their head up. What kept Darren going though? Music. “ For me, this coping mechanism has always been expressed through music. I had planned on working on new music and a full body of work before life took a different turn but I chose to see an opportunity. I had to ask myself what I truly value in life and what I would choose to do with my time. Hence, this project has held a particularly special meaning to me. I buckled down and got to work. That’s kept me sane and given me a larger sense of purpose.” 

“My favourite part about what I do is being fortunate enough to know what my purpose is in life and being able to live that. Being able to create, feel inspired, interpret that through my music, sing, perform, and immerse myself in my own life’s design. If I had one wish for everyone it would be that everyone would be able to live their true purpose and live their own life’s design,” says Darren. 

“Go!” is out now on all major digital platforms. You’ll be hearing more from Darren in the months to come! Keep up to date with the latest via social media – @darrenscharneck 

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