Dare To Dine: Explore Jozi’s Top 3 West African Restaurants Under 100 Rands

Author: Kojo Richman

As a creative director for Kojo Afrika, a seasoned writer and curating bespoke experiences in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, I bring a unique blend of cultural influences. Born and raised in the dynamic city of Lagos to a Ghanaian father and a Nigerian mother, my roots are deeply intertwined with the rich tapestry of African diversity. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to crafting immersive experiences, I am dedicated to showcasing the beauty, vibrancy, and creativity of the African continent through my work. 

Join me on a journey of exploration and celebration of the diverse narratives that make Africa truly extraordinary.

Johannesburg, a city pulsating with energy and a melting pot of cultures, beckons the adventurous gastronome to explore its diverse culinary landscape. For those seeking the authentic taste of West Africa without breaking the bank, here are the top three restaurants where you can dare to dine under 100 Rands.

1. Annie’s Kitchen

Nestled in the heart of the invigorating Windsor East, Annie’s Kitchen is a culinary haven that perfectly encapsulates the essence of West African home-cooked goodness. With a menu inspired by the traditions of Nigeria, this cozy spot invites you to embrace the flavours of porridge honey beans with potatoes, plantain, friend fish, egusi soup, the delicious nsala soup, jollof rice, and more. You can have a party in your mouth for a pocket friendly amount and all priced under 100 Rands.

2. Akwaaba Restaurant

Whether you’re a seasoned West African foodie or a curious explorer, located in the heart of Maboneng’s Main Street, Akwaaba promises a feast for your taste buds, where each bite is a celebration of Ghanaian and Nigerian culinary heritage. From the staple soul food of banku and kenke to the Saturday palm soup special, every dish is budget-friendly. Hygiene is their forte, at Akwaaba, elevate your experience with a commitment to impeccable food preparation and presentation. 

3. Mama Ejima Restaurant

Located in the heart of Jeppestown, Johannesburg district, Mama Ejima is a celebration of West African culinary ingenuity. This hidden gem combines the best of Nigeria cuisine, with options like ogbono, vegetable soup, the staple akara (beans cake) and porridge perfect for a cold Jozi day, delicious basmati rice with a tasty tomato stew—all priced under 100 Rands. 

These top three restaurants not only provide a feast for the senses but also offer a glimpse into the richness of African culture—all at an affordable price. 

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