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Africa.com is pleased to welcome

Daniel Monehin, President, Sub-Saharan Africa

as Special Guest Curator of this week’s Top 10 Business News

As Africa’s business leadership prepares for the annual World Economic Forum Africa being held in Durban, South Africa next week, Africa.com is proud to welcome Daniel Monehin, President, Mastercard Sub-Saharan Africa as our guest curator of this week’s business news.

As the head of Mastercard Sub-Saharan Africa, Daniel has a unique vantage point that he brings to identifying the most important business news in Africa. In his role, Daniel sees the entire continent and works across multiple players in the African economy including banks, retail merchants and consumers.  According to Daniel, too many Africans are trapped in a cash economy and lack access to the financial services that help provide a buffer against risks like unforeseen medical expenses or a loss of a job.  He is passionate about extending access to financial services to all Africans.

New World Bank Report Names Rwanda Among Most Resilient Economies

Personally having seen the changes in these markets, it is an exciting time for the continent. In my opinion, the report highlights the need for government investment in its people, importance of public-private partnerships and an open and welcoming regulatory environment. Rwanda and the five other countries highlighted have leaders eager for reform and are welcoming to the introduction of innovative solutions that will overcome their challenges. AFRICA NEWS

To Transform Africa’s Economies, African Companies Matter Too

Made in Africa, by Africans. We are witnessing the shift back to locally owned and manufactured goods. Governments are pushing for job creation, and this really starts by supporting the development of local industry and the business sector. There is a wealth of knowledge and skills on the continent who are able to significantly contribute to the development of their countries. Both the private and public sectors must get behind the local talent, entrepreneurs and ensure the youth are encouraged to stay in Africa once skilled. CNBC AFRICA

Nigeria’s New Foreign-exchange Platform

Nigeria is undoubtedly a highly resilient nation. Faced with economic challenges, the public and private sector have started to develop innovative solutions that help drive efficiency and streamline vital services. This platform, in my view, is a great step in the right direction – but Nigeria is on a path of recovery; this will take some time. BLOOMBERG

A Much Needed Boost For African Startups

Start-ups and MSMEs are the lifeblood of any nation! It will be to the detriment of Africa if startups aren’t supported more, and initiatives that will help these budding entrepreneurs flourish in the future is crucial to ensuring we have a healthy pipeline of people eager to be their own boss. We in the private sector have a duty to support, it cannot all rest on the shoulders of the public sector, and it is something I personally take very seriously. AFK INSIDER

The African Millionaires’ Paradise

Driven to be a hub of innovation where doing business is easy, and seen as an attractive investment opportunity – Mauritius is a unique and exciting market. Having personally done a great deal of work with various stakeholders in the country, it is clear to me that there is a real sense to make Mauritius one of the most attractive locations worldwide to life, work and play. Finally, the message from the island of Mauritius to the rest of Africa is clear: Focus on being business-friendly and other measures of attractiveness and success will come. QUARTZ AFRICA

Made In Nigeria Phones Will Soon Be On The Market

Celebrating local homegrown technology, in my opinion, this will be a game changer for not only Nigeria – but the continent. The mobile has made a significant impact on driving inclusion, and there is still so much that can be done. The introduction of more affordable, locally produced connected devices will add fuel to the engine of reform and inclusion. VENTURES AFRICA

Second Biggest Cocoa Grower Ghana Rules Out Cutting Farmers’ Pay

Nations in Africa are built on their agriculture sector, and the support of farmers is just an obvious road to follow, in my opinion. Africa has and is still facing, great challenges, from access to relevant solutions to natural disasters, but given the number of jobs still created by the sector and the value brought to the economy, vital steps must be taken to safeguard the sector for the future. We need to see more global support, as this is simply not happening to the degree required to make a significant impact. BLOOMBERG

Madagascar: Port Of Toamasina Dispute Puts Pressure On Levi’s

The Madagascar port is part of a vital trade route for Africa, one that must be protected. It is my opinion that strategic partnerships and cooperative coalitions are formed to ensure that the workforce is fairly treated and compensated and that jobs are kept in place whenever possible. Transparency and open dialogue are needed. AFRICAN BUSINESS MAGAZINE

North Africa Is Running Out Of Electricity As Calls Made For Power Reforms

Infrastructure challenges in Africa are nothing new, and the supply of electricity will be one of the continent’s biggest challenges. As with all sectors, innovative solutions are needed and as I work across the continent this type of approach is starting to happen more and more. Working in the tech sector, I understand that the reliance on old infrastructure is not the solution, but the private sector also has a role in helping move economies beyond these challenges as we have a vested stake in the future of Africa. AFRICAN BUSINESS REVIEW

On Tour With Richard Quest In Nigeria

Nigeria has long been underestimated by those that have not spent time working in the diverse and exciting market. Raising awareness about what works, and what doesn’t work will help change perceptions. With my experience of living and working in a West African country, I am eager to see how more efficiency and transparency can be introduced – something I believe technology will significantly impact. The government is moving in the right direction. PULSE

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