We Deserve Bettr

Costa Titch & Dee Koala To Drop Epic Summer Banger, ‘We Deserve Bettr’!

We Deserve Bettr

Rappers Costa Titch and Dee Koala’s call out for a new culture of money in latest collab!

The next generation of rising South African hip-hop stars, Costa Titch and Dee Koala, have dropped an epic summer banger, complete with an explosive music video that captures youth spirit culture cues in vibrant, multi-colour.

Called We Deserve Bettr, the track sees both artists collaborate to create an electrifying chemistry. This was partly pure luck: Costa Titch and Dee Koala chose to work with the same trap beat during production – despite working from two different studios and provinces during lockdown. Their collaboration is natural, fiery and displays a maturity to their craft in terms of delivery and narrative. 

Both are also talented songwriters. Rapping about credit scores that just aren’t good enough, and a grandmother who can never retire, the lyrics evocatively capture the urgency of South Africa’s next generation. They highlight the reality of having to deal with an uncertain future while hustling as entrepreneurs in a changing non-linear world, making bank and building a legacy. 

The music video for We Deserve Bettr, meanwhile, is a roller coaster of raw authentic performances: neon-lit dancers create a kaleidoscope of energy in edgy South African street fashion (showcased by emerging designers like Cultish, Ts & Cs, Deuce Online, Cuffed Boys Club, Malea Garments, 16 Forces, House of Ascid and Furrg) along with influential creatives expressing themselves and their goals, their need to own their worth and define their own future.  

 “Youth today struggle with the concept of money, especially in managing their funds. They are not actively serviced by banks to be empowered nor to build a legacy and it will affect our generation deeply if nothing is done about it,” says Costa Titch referring to the song’s lyrics which speak to having a poor credit score and how the youth remain invisible to the financial system. “This song is about confronting this issue and co-creating a solution,” said Costa.

Says Dee Koala: “As an independent artist with my own vision, it’s important that I am financially able to work on projects and be in a position to take care of my family. So this track is about betting on myself and knowing that the power is in the hands of the youth. We have a voice, a community and purpose to create a better future.”

2. The video has its debut on Friday, 25 September on www.bettr.app. The Bettr website compresses the video to be data-light and can be downloaded for free, post joining the community. In the spirit of Gen-Z community and social awareness, watching the video empowers people: royalties of the track are going directly to good causes such as personal financial education to be incorporated into schools and universities.

Costa Titch and Dee Koala have declared it’s a brave new world with new ways of thinking. It is heady stuff, but displays a savvy and philosophical approach by Gen Z to co-create a new culture of money that enables their creativity & talent to unlock their potential. A dance-trap anthem calling on youth to do it for themselves, We Deserve Bettr is a far cry from the clichéd hip-hop celebrations of “arrival to all the trappings of wealth and fame”.

And we’re here for it.