Connecting U.S. and African Cleantech Energy Companies To Markets Opportunities

The U.S.-Africa Clean Tech Energy Network (CTEN) connects U.S. and African cleantech energy companies to market opportunities
where project-ready technology can increase access to reliable
electricity. Guided by the goal to end energy poverty in
sub-Saharan Africa, CTEN will introduce U.S. cleantech energy firms
to specific deal opportunities in African markets and promote direct investment in African cleantech enterprises. CTEN will activate and facilitate a two-way ecosystem of cleantech energy companies, business associations, buyers, partners, investors, entrepreneurs, innovation labs, universities, and government
stakeholders to unlock innovation and bankable deals.

CTEN activities include: Matchmaking, pitch sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, webinars, and other events that support business linkages.

Market intelligence and network management.
Technical assistance and transaction advisory services.
Communications, marketing, and promotional support.

The goal of the CTEN is to increase linkages between U.S. and African cleantech energy companies around

specific market opportunities and technologies. CTEN aims to facilitate up to $350 million in deals within

the first five years.