Cisco & Cybastion: Bolstering Cyber Security In West Africa

A powerful combination of American ICT capabilities has assembled to embrace Africa’s multiple digital opportunities and challenges, leveraging the best of U.S. technology with insights and customization from the African-American diaspora.

As improved cybersecurity becomes an increasingly important priority worldwide, it is vital that emerging economies are protected from online threats. U.S.-based multinational tech firm, Cisco, in collaboration with diaspora-owned security firm, Cybastion, are facilitating ten major cybersecurity export contracts in Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Congo Brazzaville, Benin, and Cameroon, totaling $858 million. These contracts are set to bolster the extension of digital platforms with robust cybersecurity protection, and will be a driver for economic development and investment, organizational transparency, and human capacity building. The Cybastion-Cisco offerings, in concert with other U.S. technology and services providers, offer superior solutions, genuine network integrity and substantial training opportunities and workforce development, anchored by the on-ground intimacy which Cybastion brings as a diaspora company.


Cisco is a worldwide leader in technology and networking, helping companies of all sizes transform the way they connect, communicate, and collaborate. Its partnership with Cybastion – which develops robust, world-class cybersecurity solutions tailored to suit the needs of businesses, governments, and public sector entities – is strengthening cybersecurity in Africa.


Through investments in cybersecurity infrastructure and skills development, African countries will be able to defend themselves against large-scale cyber-attacks – protecting their people, their economies, and bridging digital divides across the continent. By providing new skill sets to upwards of three million people across the continent, this commitment is set to expand Africa’s digital capabilities.