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5 African Beers to Try

5 African Beers to Try

For the next St. Patrick’s Day, try some refreshing beers from Africa. We’ve listed some of the continent’s best tasting brews.

South Africa

South Africa's beer- Castle Lager

Castle Lager from South Africa.

SABMiller/South African Breweries is the predominant brewing company in South Africa, with breweries across the continent too. They’re the makers of a variety of beers and other beverages, including the popular Castle Lager, Windhoek Draught and Hansa Pilsner.


Ethiopian Beer, Hakim Stout.

Hakim Stout,Ethiopian Beer.

Hakin Stout, made by Harar Brewery is considered to be Ethiopia’s most popular beer. Other top contenders areBedele Beer and Meta Lager.


Kenyan Beer, Tusker Lager.

Tusker Lager, Kenyan Beer.

Tusker Lager is a favourite among locals and tourists in Kenya. Other popular local brews include Sierra Amber andKenya Porter.



Star Lager, Nigerian Beer.

In 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Guinness breweries sold more beer in Nigeria than in Ireland, Guinness’s home country. That’s hefty competition for Nigeria’s local breweries, but beers such as Star, Gulder, andPal Nigeria Lagers all hold their weight.


Moroccan Beer, Casablanca.

Casablanca, Moroccan Beer.

Even in Muslim-dominated North Africa, there’s a variety of great brews to chose from. Casablanca and Flag Spéciale are two favourites.

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