Casablanca, Morocco

A large metropolis of 4 million inhabitants,the economic and financial capital of Morocco, a more modern city where thousands of foreigners come from all over the world not only to visit the city, but also to work and live. Behind these realities is a city full of history with an architectural heritage, ancient and recent, a dynamic city, proud of its past and confident in its future.

With its contemporary buildings dedicated to business, Casablanca offers an active and dynamic image of Morocco in the 21st century. Take for example the business activities of Casanearshore Park and the enormous Technopark building that greets you while entering the city from the airport. Here, you will plunge into the roots of the country’s history by traveling through the ancient city of Casablanca. Surrounded by walls, it unrolls its shady alleys around the Great Mosque. You may also feel the pulse of the city on a stroll along the Cornich, where you can take in views of the sea. Finally, discover the ambition of the city, by visiting the immense Mosque of Hassan II, inaugurated in the early 1990s.

Casablanca is a destination full of surprise where you will not only discover the richness and beauty of this Atlantic city, but also its great business opportunities.

Casablanca City Mosque


Hotel Golden Tulip

The first hotel we recommend is Hyatt Regency, which is located in the United Nation central square of the city opposite to the gates of the old medina. It’s one of the most sought-after business hotels in the Moroccan economic capital and includes a large number of rooms with access to a dedicated lounge, a swimming pool in the middle of the bougainvillea, and meeting and catering spaces which are the major focal points of the local business clientele. Inside, there is an excellent Moroccan restaurant, the Dar Beida.

The second hotel we suggest in this travel guide for enjoying your stay in Casablanca is The Kenzi Tower Hotel. It’s a spa hotel that will seduce any traveler looking for serenity. This hotel is located only 1.4 Kms from the Old Medina. Guests will not have to travel far for a meal with the Sky 28 Restaurant and Kenzi Tower Restaurant just minutes away. Visitors will have plenty of entertainment options in their rooms including access to cable and satellite TV, international phones and a wonderful fitness centre.

Another important hotel in the city is Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Towers with 6 restaurants, 11 meeting rooms and 286 rooms. It’s an amazing hotel for business travelers located in Avenue des Forces Armées Royales. also recommends staying at Golden Tulip Farah Casablanca. This hotel that has been seen in various movies and it has all the potential to seduce the business clientele, with 280 rooms and suites, and its conference center which can accommodate up to 600 people.

Accomodation casablanca

Our last choice is Movenpick Hotel Casablanca, located only a few minutes from the airport and the city center. The Movenpick Hotel Casablanca (formerly Casablanca Plaza Hotel), offers a good value accommodation in a convenient location just minutes from the airport and the city center. This beautiful five-star hotel is equipped with everything: sauna, swimming pool, laundry, room service, babysitting and a large conference room to celebrate any event you wish to memorize.


Mohammed V International Airport

Airport Transfers

Royal Air Morocco

Casablanca is an airline hub, with an ISO 9001 certified airport serving more than 100 destinations across the globe. Mohammed V International Airport is the largest and most important airport in Morocco. It is the main air crossroads of the national airline Royal Air Maroc. This airport is located 30 km south of Casablanca. For motorists, it is easily accessible by motorway. It is also served by public transport where there is a train station located on the first floor of the arrivals terminal. The train leaves every 30 minutes to Casablanca city centre and also to Casablanca port. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive there. Buses also regularly visit the center. Depending on road traffic, the journey time by bus or taxi is approximately 40 minutes. Two car parks welcome motorists (short term and long term, 2500 places in total) with on-site amenities including car rentals, tourist information counters, ATMs, post office, as well as cafes and bar-brasseries.

Local transport

Tramway Casablanca

With its high performance infrastructure, there is no problem when it comes to moving inside the city. By using the Tramway, you can reach various destinations in the city with ease since everything is well-indicated inside. We don’t recommend a rental car for personal driving because the city is large, crowded and congested. Therefore, we recommend using little red taxis as they are cheap and faster. If not, you can rent a car with a private driver; all hotels suggested by can help to accommodate this.

Red Taxis Casablanca Morocco

Is It Safe To Travel There?

Morocco is a relatively safe country. Theft is rare since the situation is generally controlled by the Moroccan authorities. The current security context allows safe tourism and professional travel to Morocco thanks to a reinforced security plan that has been put into action to deal with all types of problems including terrorist risks.

In fact, many studies have shown the fact that Morocco is a safe state. Moreover, the country has become a model to follow when it comes to security and stability. Various countries have signed agreements of cooperation with the Moroccan government to benefit from the kingdom’s security policies mainly in fighting terrorism.  Travelers to Morocco are free to visit all attractive places in Casablanca without fear, these may include the big shopping centers such as Morocco Mall and Anfaplace, or even when visiting Casablanca great business centers: Twin Centre, Technopark and Casanearshore.


The multilingual and multicultural characteristics of the country can explain the ability of most Moroccans to understand and speak many foreign languages. In Casablanca, where Arabic is the official language, the tourist is never lost. English is spoken in most touristic and business destinations and the majority of Moroccans speak French. The two languages, in addition to Spanish, are strongly used especially in business centers, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. In fact, having realized that English is the language of global business, Moroccan students and local businessmen often enroll in language centers to improve their communication skills in English. You will never be lost.

Money Matters:

Credit Cards

Casablanca is the first financial center in the country with 30% of the kingdom’s banking network. Distributors are numerous in the city and cards are accepted by most hotels of a certain level, as well as in some restaurants, shops and petrol stations. Visa, MasterCard, and VISA Electron are accepted at all counters. Citibank or American Express cards, on the other hand, are not.


There are exchange offices everywhere in the city, whether or not they belong to a bank. In addition to banks that make currency exchange, in all central streets and touristic destinations you can find exchange offices that are open the whole week except Saturday afternoon and Sunday. In Casablanca, it’s important to use the Moroccan currency since the majority of financial interactions are done in cash using Moroccan Dirham (MAD).


In Casablanca, there is a large number of ATMs that are found in banks and in the majority of shopping and business centers. They are programmed to be used in three languages: Arabic, French and English.


To make calls from your mobile phone, do not forget to take the “International” option with your telephone company. The network in Casablanca is very well covered. It is also possible to buy a Moroccan SIM card (Maroc Telecom, Orange, Inwi) provided that you have previously unlocked your mobile phone. Refills are available at all kiosks and shops. The telephone code of Morocco is +212.

Concerning the internet, business centers, hotels and restaurants are always provided with a Wi-Fi connection which is usually broadband. The same when it comes to local SIM cards, their services include internet connection that is easy and cheap to use.


In Casablanca it is very important to take into account the season in which you are travelling to know what clothes you must take. The climate and temperatures inside the city oscillate from one end to the other: very cold in winter and extremely hot in summer.

It is also recommended to bring with you something from your winter clothes, even if you travel in summer, because despite the heat of the day, temperatures drop considerably during the night. Dress as you like. Casablanca is a modern with a western lifestyle.


Electricity standards: voltage 220 V frequency 50 Hz

Electrical sockets used: type C type E

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