Cameroonians Demand Answers about COVID-19 Funds they Donated

Cameroon has bowed to pressure from rights groups and ordered investigations into the management of the COVID-19 solidarity fund contributed to by civilians. The rights groups said most of the $40 million cash and material had been embezzled. An outcry was sparked after rights groups said 4,000 bags of rice donated to COVID-19 patients were illegally sold. The government said it used money contributed to a COVID-19 solidarity fund to buy the COVID kits. Cameroon president Paul Biya contributed $ 1.8 million to the fund.  Other contributions were received from civilians, companies, minister, lawmakers and senior sate functionaries. Cameroon also received assistance to fight COVID-19 from foreign governments. The central African state said it received $226 million in emergency funding from the International Monetary Fund. Other people contributed food with a local company handing to the government huge quantities of rice. Apande Fadimatou of the NGO “Health for All” says the government should give an account of how much it received and how much it spent. Fadimatou says some of the medicines the government claims it purchased have not been seen. She says she believes some money, food and non-food items have been diverted.


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