Call For Partners And Applications For The African Blockchain Developers’ Call II

Last year, the first edition of the African Blockchain Developers Call (ABDC) Series was launched. The programme is a three-month blockchain event that features the training and incubation of blockchain programmers and the creation of a breeding ground for inter-governmental deliberations on blockchain regulation. During the launch of its maiden edition, the program had over 300 attendants and over 50 speakers, including national stakeholders like Professor Anicia Peters, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Namibia. Through the program, three blockchain solutions were equally developed by a group of African blockchain programmers. Each of these solutions will be subsequently deployed into the African market at the fourth quarter of the year. 

The main obj of ABDC series

Drawing from the immense success of the first edition, the second edition is set to be launched by September. As opposed to the last edition that was focused on individual programmers, this edition will be centrally focused on the incubation of 100 African start-ups and breeding new developers across Africa to deploy needed solutions. With partnerships with tech hubs and multinational companies, the chosen start-ups will be educated on the fundamentals of integrating blockchain technology into their deployed solutions. They will also be provided with grants and technical support which would aid their market expansion. 

The program’s current partners include Jelurida Africa DLT, Jelurida Swiss, Decentralize Africa, the Mauritius Fintech Hub, and Fintech Nigeria. Recent partnerships have equally been established with MT Kenya Hub and Startup Savannah. The partnership with these hubs will be tailored towards the incubation of the program’s startups. 

More partnerships are currently being sought ahead of the program’s launch. Partnerships with tech hubs across several African countries are particularly being prioritised. For enquiries on partnership opportunities, kindly send a mail to

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