Business Accelerator for Women in Somaliland

Somaliland accelerator and investor Innovate Ventures has opened applications for its Women in Business Accelerator, which will culminate with four startups receiving investment of up to US$20,000 each. The Women in Business Accelerator is a four-week programme that offers essential business skills training and funds to female-owned startups in Somaliland. Selected startups will receive intensive training and business mentorship, access to networks, pitching opportunities in front of local and international investors, and features in local and international media. The top four startups will receive an investment of up to US$20,000 each from Innovate Ventures. The programme, which has an alumni network of over 50 startups and has invested over US$150,000 in total so far, is open to female business owners or women with a business idea who are between 18 and 35 years old, and based in Somaliland. They must be committed to attending the accelerator programme in Hargeisa. Interested entrepreneurs should apply before January 31, after which selected startups will get an invitation to the pre-accelerator bootcamp at the Innovate Ventures offices in Hargeisa. The top 12 startups from the bootcamp will participate in the four-week accelerator, which will culminate in a demo day where the winning startups will be chosen.


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