Bringing Inspiration And Empowerment, John Lundun Together With Paradise Sound System, Present The Aries EP!

With the aim of bringing music to the dance floor that sends an important message, as well as makes bodies move, Paradise Sound System together with John Lundun intend to release a body of work that aims to have a place both in people’s heads and their hearts. Featuring artists who all bring the EP to a higher level, this EP contains amazing combinations of strong, dance/house beats, verses and choruses that feature heavenly vocals, and an overall sound that effectively gets people moving while allowing listeners to also think and understand the messages the artists intend to send, the Aries EP is guaranteed to empower and inspire people the world over! 

John Lundun has had a lifelong connection with music; he started learning at a very young age, and has developed and crafted his sound for the majority of his life, with this effort eventually earning him four nominations for the Limpopo Music Awards. In his new offering Aries Ep, Lundun has collaborated with great voices such as JessicaLM, Thando Zide & Fifi 

Chronicles, intending for this to be a Dance/House project incorporating afro & western sounds. 

With the message of Overcoming, Achieving & the power to penetrate. The Ram, which is the symbol for the Aries star sign perfectly represents that. This project is all about reminding people about their position of power and never backing down. The track ‘Crown’ is a song sending a strong message to Queens & Princesses to take their stand, when life has knocked you down or you have fallen from glory… dust yourself off, pick yourself up and put your crown back on. “One Day re tlo popa” is a term commonly used Lundun’s favourite city Pretoria meaning “One day we gonna win. Things are gonna be alright.” The journey of parenthood does not come with a handbook with rules and regulations on how to parent best, rather, it plunges one into the unknown, that which many mistakes and challenges are a part of, though still, a beautiful experience. This song expresses the gratitude and love a child feels toward their parent for the ever-so present and warm love and presence of a parent. 

Speaking on the effects the Aries EP has on its listeners, John Lundun had this to say:

“Whenever these songs drop on the dance floor in various public spaces you can just see people’s eyes popping and heads turning, people are so drawn to the music and the want to know who is behind the music so they can keep it to themselves, that is always a good sign for any creator, it gives you surely and confidence that you are music in the right spaces and making a difference to world and ultimately to peoples lives.” – John Lundun