Bolt And Capitec Partner To Offer Cashback Rewards To All Capitec Clients

Bolt, the leading mobility platform available in more than 35 locations across South Africa, and Capitec have partnered to offer the bank’s Live Better clients cashback when they order a ride through Bolt App and when they order food through the Bolt Food App.

Bolt passengers and food customers that use their Capitec card to pay for rides and food delivery on either platform get 5% in cashback, to a maximum of R100 per month, paid directly into their Live Better savings account on the 10th day of every month. Bolt is the second Live Better cashback partner that makes saving possible for Capitec clients, joining the offering after Dis-Chem and Baby City where they get 2% in cashback. 

Capitec clients don’t need to do anything to activate the Bolt cashback – card transactions processed through the secure Bolt platform will automatically trigger the payment of the cashback benefit on Live Better day, the 10th day of every month. 

“Close to half of all the payment cards loaded onto Bolt’s South African platform are Capitec cards, which means that a significant number of passengers that use the platform will be able to benefit from this cashback offering,” says Gareth Taylor, SADC Regional Manager at Bolt. 

“We’re encouraging all clients to pay for their trips using their cards – not only do they get the cashback, but they and the drivers that transport them benefit from the security of cashless payments,” he says. 

Taylor adds that drivers that accept card payments are able to build up a better credit record, which in turn helps them gain access to financial products and services that they would not be able to use, if their micro-businesses are primarily cash-based. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Bolt as our second major Live Better partner for our Live Better clients – because what better reward could there be than saving money?” says Kelly Goldsworthy, Head of Live Better at Capitec Bank. “Live Better is continually working to add even more partners to the programme, so that its clients can grow their savings without even having to think about it.” 

Live Better helps its more than 3,5 million account holders get their small change to work for them, via cash backs, immediate discounts, and automatic savings tools. 

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