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TasteAtlas is a world atlas of food and drinks, an encyclopedia of flavors dedicated to capturing the tastes and scents of every city and village.

Butha Buthe: Lesotho’s Nutritious Soup

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Butha-buthe is a healthy and nutritious soup originating from Lesotho. It is...

Mshakiki: Popular Comorian Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Mshakiki is a Comorian dish that is popular throughout East Africa. This barbecued...
Makaruna Imbaukha

Makaruna Imbaukha: East Libya Savory Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Originating from East Libya, makaruna imbaukha is a savory dish made with steamed pasta as...

Seswaa: Botswana’s National Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Botswana's national dish is almost always found at special occasions, weddings, and during the country's celebration of the independence day. The...

Daraba: Healthy Stew From Chad

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Simple, healthy, and inexpensive, daraba is a Chadian stew made with chopped okra, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, stock cubes, and smooth peanut...

Fufu Ghana’s National Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Fufu is Ghana's national dish, a starchy side dish, and an important accompaniment to various stews and sauce-based dishes. It is...
Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice Nigeria’s National Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Jollof rice is Nigeria's national dish that is believed to be the origin of the popular Cajun dish known as jambalaya. The other...

Ladob A Seychellois Based Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Ladob is a Seychellois dish based on plantains, breadfruit, and cassava. It can be prepared in sweet or savory versions. The...

Sample Cachupa From Cape Verde

Original article published at TasteAtlas.This slow-cooked corn (hominy) and bean stew is made with vegetables (plantains, sweet potatoes, squash, and yams), meat (marinated pork, chorizo...
Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma: Nairobi Meat Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Nyama choma is Kenya's unnoficial national dish, meaning barbecued meat in the Swahili language.The meat is usually goat or beef, served roasted throughout...

Chakalaka: Spicy South African Vegetable Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Chakalaka is a spicy South African vegetable relish consisting of tomatoes, beans, and onions as its key ingredients, although some cooks...

Brik: Let’s Dine In Tunisia

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Tunisian brik is a popular dish that incorporates flaky dough filled with a variety of savory ingredients.Traditionally, malsouqa dough is used to create...

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