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A media and arts enthusiast, Ndaba is a Malawian Born, Johannesburg based self proclaimed Afropolitan who loves to talk, write and design anything Afrocentric.
Things to Do in Malawi

10 Things to Do in Malawi That Will Make Your Visit Memorable

Malawi is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. From her beautiful blue lake, to her ever-smiling, welcoming people, Malawi should surely be...
shaleen manhire nullens

Meet Budding Entrepreneur Shaleen Manhire Nullens

Bright-eyed, ambitious, passionate, driven and hard-working. These are some of the few words one can use to describe multi-faceted entrepreneur, Shaleen Manhire Nullens, or...
Celeste Ntuli

Top 14 Gurus of African Comedy That Will Get Your Ribs Cracking

African comedy over the last decade has showed immense growth and gained popularity, producing some of the best comedians the world has...
tresor riziki

PROFILE: Trésor Riziki – Multi Platinum-selling Artist in South Africa

One cannot mention the African millennial sound without mentioning Trésor Riziki. From music video channels to night clubs, Tresor’s music has become the soundtrack...
Musical Revolution In Angola

From Semba to Hip Hop: Exploring Angola’s Musical Revolution

Angola-based American music researcher Michael Smith, names Yola Semedo, an award-winning female artist who fuses the semba and kizomba genres, “the Angolan Queen of...
African Podcasts

9 African Podcasts That You Are Certainly Going To Enjoy

With the continued rise of reliable internet, free audio programmes, popularly known as podcasts, are making a buzz on the continent. Here are few...
Wedding Traditions

10 African Wedding Traditions That Will Make You Want To Get Married

Africa, is made up of many nations and tribes with wedding traditions rooted deeply into the culture. An old African proverb says, "A man...
Hallmark House

Hallmark House: Layers of Luxury, Icon of Transformation

Maboneng, a Sotho word meaning “place of light”, is the rightful name given to the Johannesburg precinct that has become the city’s creative and...
most affluent families

Most Affluent Families In Africa That You Probably Never Knew About

The most affluent families are built with something more than money. It takes wisdom, work ethic, and ambition passed down from generation to generation...
Top Youtube Personalities

10 Top YouTube Personalities Making It Big In Africa

With increased speeds and access to the internet, YouTube has become one of the biggest hubs for digital content across the African continent. Here...
African Culture And Social Media

African Culture And Social Media: The Parallels

At the core of the African culture is the idea of community. Since time immemorial, Africans have always championed the concept of collectiveness in...
Sharon Kadangwe

Sharon Kadangwe: A Voice For Entrepreneurs

A few years ago, Sharon Kadangwe and her friends founded the Winter Ankara Fashion Expo (WAFE), an annual event which shut down half of...

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