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Kurt Davis Jr. is an investor, advisor and consultant with experience in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. He is an avid traveler who has been to 70+ countries throughout the world in search of new investment opportunities, new people, and better understanding of the world. His international professional career includes positions with Schulze Global Investments, Kukula Capital, and African Development Bank, with experience covering the agribusiness, energy, fast-consumer moving goods (FMCG), infrastructure, manufacturing, natural resources, and real estate sectors.

Investment Opportunities in Uganda

East Africa’s investment story is not new. As more foreign investors and multinationals enter the region, it continues to gain traction as an investment...

5 Top Opportunities for Investment in Djibouti

As the flight from Dire Dawa, Ethiopia descends into Djibouti airspace, it is hard to ignore Djibouti’s strategic location and importance....
Cote d’Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire: Returning to Glory

I love cashews and seafood.“Then you will love Cote d’Ivoire,” a young Ivorian once told me. He was right.A short stop at Saakan restaurant...
Sierra Leone

Best Investment Opportunities In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, today, bears little resemblance to the late 1990s when a civil war left the country’s infrastructure and economy decimated. It also left...

Can Nigeria Hang On To The Number One Economic Standing

Nigeria is Africa’s new economic leader. As if in line at McDonalds, Nigeria supersized its meal and got the winning monopoly piece on its French...
board room

5 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Company Board In Africa

A strong track record and reputation will likely land you a board seat in due time. As an investor, that opportunity comes quicker than...

4 Countries Best For Chicken Investment In Africa

It is Friday night in Maputo and nightlife has not exactly started. But the KFC is bustling on Avenida 25 de Setembro with families...
packaging industry

Packaging In Africa: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Consumer goods like bagged milk, foil-wrapped cashews, and paper-wrapped take-away of an oily African dish are the headaches of daily life in Africa. Such...
fast-moving consumer goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods: Soaps And Detergents In Africa

If you know a woman who is experienced in traveling Africa, ask her what things she always travels with. She will definitely mention two...
beef cattle in africa

The Cash Cow Of Africa: Beef And….Manure

Ragout d’Ignames and Bœuf aux Gombos. Sauce Arachide Ivoirienne avec Bœuf. These are some delicious classic dishes in Cote D’Ivoire.While on a visit there,...
fuel subsidies

Targeting Fuel Subsidies to the Poor

The best example of this conundrum manifests with the subsidization of fuel in over half of the sub-Saharan African countries. According to the World...
investment opportunities

Untapped Investment Opportunities in Africa

The raggedy cargo truck drives onto the ferry which immediately sinks deeply into the water, only seemingly buoyed by the grace of mother nature....

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