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Feranmi Akeredolu is a contributing writer, a tech and business enthusiast. He’s all about humanity, creativity and innovation. He has researched and written on the real estate sector in Nigeria, the automotive and steel industry in South Africa and the agricultural sector in Ghana. He’s most fascinated with a philosophical mind and enjoys writing about developments in business and tech in Africa, but says he’s most joyous whenever his favourite football team is winning a trophy.

Pros & Cons of the Rapid Growth of African Cities

When I walk through my street in the evening or try to beat the traffic at dawn going to work in the city of...
Casablanca, Morocco

Africa’s Top 10 Countries To Invest In

Painting Africa with the same economic brush is always a mistake; the Africa Rising narrative has cooled down since growth lost momentum...
peace in africa

Global Peace Index Shows Africa’s Peace Remains Fragile

South Africa's former president, Nelson Mandela, once described peace as "more than just the absence of war" but the prosperity of...
Nigeria's Housing Deficit

Solving Nigeria’s 22 million Housing Deficit With The Blockchain

We have seen pockets of progress over the years with rising numbers of property listing companies and tech landlord-house-seekers intermediaries, but housing...
doing business in africa

Best 10 Countries for Doing Business in Africa

Gone are the days when executives and investors could go anywhere on the African continent and find growth. Now it's so important to understand...
doing business in africa

Winning in Business in Africa

Young, fast growing, and urbanising - Africa is ripe for businesses What exactly is the reality of doing business in Africa? Is the business environment filled...

Cryptocurrency Regulation: Africa Slowly Picking Up The Pace

Why have African governments been slow with the adoption of cryptocurrencies?Maybe they have good intentions and are just trying to protect their young citizens?Alternatively,...
East African countries

East African countries have become the investment haven in Africa

With the giants of Africa, Nigeria and South Africa, faced with a crisis at home, East African countries are increasingly becoming a suitable alternative...
Industrialisation in Africa

Using the Internet of Things to Accelerate Industrialisation in Africa

Africa’s slow-paced journey towards inclusive growth has been as a result of self-sabotage from both leaders and followers, and an unpopular factor,...
personal finance apps

10 Personal Finance Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Technology has stealthily crept into every space of our lives. It’s almost impossible to live an easier life than the one that smartphones have...
Real Life in Lagos

Real Life in Lagos, Nigeria

The Popular Story, The Real Story, and The Other Story“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest...

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