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Human milk banks

Kenyan Hospital Opens Human Milk Bank — A Rarity In Sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya’s first human milk bank has opened at Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Moina Spooner, from The Conversation Africa, spoke to the team spearheading APHRC’s research efforts in the establishment of Kenya’s first milk bank.
sudan iconic image

All The Latest Events In Sudan

All the latest events in Sudan as protesters keep up demands for civilian rule after Omar al-Bashir's removal.

South Africa – A Medical Tourism Destination?

Medical tourism has been in existence for centuries. It is traveling outside of one’s area of residence to another area, with the primary objective of receiving medical services in the destination location.
About 40% of Cameroon’s territory is covered in forest

What Cameroon Can Teach Others About Managing Community Forests

A quarter of a century ago, Cameroon passed a law which gave people living on the edge of forests the right to own and manage forest areas. These communities depended on the forest for livelihood activities, like agriculture, hunting, fishing and non-timber forest products – like fruits or medicinal plants.
2019 elections south africa

South Africa 2019 Elections

South Africa is getting ready for what is being called the most important election since the birth of democracy 25 years ago.

‘The Okavango Blue’, An Exceptional 20 Carat Blue Diamond From Botswana

A remarkable oval shaped blue diamond weighing over 20 carats, has been unveiled to the world by Okavango Diamond Company (ODC) in...

The Future Of E-commerce In Africa: A Mere Illusion?

The potential for a remarkable and long lasting e-commerce growth is within Africa’s grasps. Now, it is the responsibility of everyone involved in this market to do everything in their power, so that African countries can truly enjoy and benefit from e-commerce.
zimbabwe K9s

South African K9 Units Embolden Search & Rescue Efforts

Paramount K9 Solutions, subsidiary of Paramount Group, the South African-based global aerospace and defence company, announced that the specialist K9 Search and...
Poultry Farmers

Drive To Increase Food Security In East Africa Through Farmer Training

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE: ELAN) recently advanced on its East Africa Growth Accelerator (EAGA) initiative in Kenya.
Azad Cola and Nana Bediako

Q&A: African Finance and Infrastructure Foreign Investment

A unique perspective from British multi-millionaire property developer Azad Cola and Ghanaian serial entrepreneur Nana Bediako who recently joined forces to...

How This Tanzanian Hustler Is Shaping The EdTech Industry

Ali Khatau strongly believes in the power of a good education and how it can transform the life of an individual. The 23 year old is a fifth year medical student at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Tanzania and a Social & Tech entrepreneur.
Gerald Gondo, Business Development Executive, RisCura

Closing Africa’s Infrastructure Gap

Never before has the need for infrastructure felt so immediate and acute. This became apparent to me as I travelled to Nairobi, Lagos, Lusaka and Gaborone during the first three months of this year.

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