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Despite Land Reform, South Africa Is not Becoming Zimbabwe or Venezuela

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board compared South Africa’s Ramaphosa government to the dictatorships in Venezuela and Zimbabwe and their seizure of private property. The focus of...
Electric wires are pictured in Ojuelegba district in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Electricity Shortages Significantly Impede Its Economic Growth

Some parts of Nigeria have little or no access to the national grid, while in other areas electricity is only available for short and...

Modernity and Tradition Clash in South African Reed Dance

The African National Congress (ANC) has governed South Africa since the inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994, which formally brought about an end to...
land reform

“Land Reform” Distracts From Poverty Alleviation in South Africa

Much of the current conversation in South Africa around black poverty links it to the disproportionate white ownership of the commercial agricultural sector. Simply...

Nigerian Catholic and Tiv Leaders Respond to Violence in the Middle Belt

There is now more violence in Nigeria’s Middle Belt than in the northeast, where Boko Haram continues its operations. Ostensibly, violence in the Middle...

Burundi’s Vote Could Keep Nkurunziza President Until 2034

Burundians are at the polls today to vote in a referendum on constitutional amendments that would, among other things, change the country’s rules around term limits....

Nigeria’s Treatment of Shia Minority Recalls That of Boko Haram

Largely overlooked by the Western media, there is an escalating conflict between Nigeria’s Shia minority, some of whom are organized into the Islamic Movement of...
nelson mandela

Winnie’s Death Reignites Criticism of Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

by John CampbellSouth Africa became a “non-racial” democracy in 1994, twenty-three years ago. Nelson Mandela, who has always firmly been identified with the African National...

Buhari’s Visit to Washington a Small Win for President Trump

President Donald Trump should be very happy with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Unlike the recent visits of French President Emmanuel Macron, who criticized Trump’s...

Nigeria Faces a Crippling Population Boom

At a population conference in New York, Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC) Eze Duruiheoma estimated that the current population of Nigeria is 198 million,...

South Sudan Waves Goodbye to Guinea Worm

In March at the Carter Center in Atlanta, South Sudan’s minister of health announced that Guinea worm transmission had been stopped within South Sudan. It has...

Botswana Welcomes Its Fifth New President

On April 1, Botswana inaugurated its fifth president, Mokgweetsi Masisi. The presidency is structurally very strong in Botswana and its past leaders have been giants....
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