Airbnb Reveals Africa’s Top Trending Destinations

  • Today, Airbnb reveals the top ten trending destinations in Africa 
  • Topping the list is Cotonou, the vibrant capital of Benin, followed by Kinshasa in Congo and Agadir in Morocco
  • Morocco continues to be a popular destination, with three out of 10 places on the list included

To commemorate Africa Day, a global celebration of African culture and heritage, Airbnb has today revealed the top trending destinations in Africa.

According to Airbnb data*, Cotonou, the vibrant capital of Benin tops the list. Guests on Airbnb are also set to embrace Salazie on the island of Réunion, a spot best-known for its volcanic landscape and hiking trails. Morocco also continues to be  a popular destination for guests, with three out of 10 places on the list located there, as guests looked beyond Marrakech for stays off the beaten path.

Airbnb’s top 10 trending destinations in Africa for 2022*:

  • Cotonou, Benin 
  • Kinshasa, Congo 
  • Agadir, Morocco 
  • Taghzout, Morocco 
  • Salazie, Réunion Island
  • Kenitra, Morocco 
  • Dahab, Egypt 
  • Vaal Marina, South Africa 
  • Stellenbosch, South Africa 
  • Hurghada, Egypt

Velma Corcoran, Regional Lead for Middle East Africa at Airbnb, said, “The top trending destination list is a snapshot of where guests are booking and planning to travel on Airbnb. It’s exciting to see such a diverse range of destinations being represented from across Africa. We believe that travel can play a powerful role in promoting cross-cultural understanding and this list is a great example of the ways in which our community is connecting with and celebrating African culture.”

Naomi, a Host on Airbnb in Nairobi, Kenya, said, “Hosting on Airbnb is an amazing adventure where you can meet guests from different parts of the world. My most memorable experience is when l hosted a guest who works in Bermuda. He decided to use Kenya as his stopover from Zimbabwe to Bermuda. It was his first time in Nairobi, Kenya. What he enjoyed most was when l took him to the tourist market called ‘Masai Market’ where you browse all sorts of African products. He was very excited to understand the culture of Kenyans and how young people in Kenya continue to embrace it. Our culture is very rooted and it will take a long time to change. At the market you can get items our forefathers used in their time.”

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