Afua Hirsch on Exploring African Culture beyond the Western Gaze

In a new BBC television series ‘African Renaissance,’ Afua Hirsch explores a variety of unique cultures across Africa and ponders what these countries would have been like without colonization. Hirsch shows Africa on its own terms, exploring the histories of Ethiopia, Senegal and Kenya through their extraordinary art, music and culture. Exploring spectacular locations and dynamic art scenes, Afua traces how struggles for liberation in the past have shaped these countries into 21st century cultural powerhouses. Bringing together historical insight, cultural heroes and rich art, music and dance, in African Renaissance Afua Hirsch shows us a radically new vision of the continent and its culture. Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and the youngest continent, where six in every ten people are under 25. With hundreds of different ethnicities, and some 2000 languages, Africa is the most culturally diverse places on Earth.


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