Afrocharts – A New Way To Listen To African Music

Afrocharts is a music streaming platform where users can stream and download African music. With Afrocharts, users can listen to music from all over African and the best part is that it is free. 

Afrocharts is the fastest-growing African music technology company. On Afrocharts, listeners can stream and download music anytime, and Artists can have direct interaction with their global fans. Unlike on other music streaming platforms, there will be social interactions between Artists and their global fans, as they launch their songs on the platform and generate revenue. We are creating that platform for all African Artists and not just the big players, to directly launch their songs; singles and/or albums, so they can make money from their work and avoid piracy. 

Afrocharts mission is to help African artists monetize their music, connect them directly to their global fans and help users listen to quality music from all over Africa for free. The platform focuses on helping music lovers connect to the colorful sounds of African music by allowing them to stream, download for offline listening, and share the highest quality African music through Afrocharts website and mobile application for Android and IOS users.

Afrocharts have  over five 5 million users currently listening across 215 countries. AfroCharts is dedicated to creating opportunities to grow music careers to reach cherished listeners and to make profits from their music through a monetization system. 

The great news about AfroCharts is that any artist can sign up and upload their music directly for free, no distributor required . This helps Artists take control of their music by cutting out the middleman that stands in the way of African artists uploading their music to any music platform.

Anyone anywhere can download the Afrocharts mobile app on app Store or Google Play store. You can also listen to music for free on

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