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plant a million

‘Plant a Million Trees’ Takes Root in Zambia

Plant A Million (PAM) aims to plant at least two billion trees by 2021. Trees are a vital component in the ecosystem—they not only give oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give refuge to wildlife,...

Nigeria Faces a Crippling Population Boom

At a population conference in New York, Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC) Eze Duruiheoma estimated that the current population of Nigeria is 198 million, and that the population living in urban areas has been...
DR Congo

DR Congo Landless Communities Amidst the Mai-Ndombe Forest Ruins

Thousands of logs loaded into makeshift boats at the port of Inongo at Lake Mai-Ndombe stand ready to be transported to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo).Inongo is the...

Remember The Victims Of The Rwanda Genocide

In remembrance of this harrowing anniversary, we revisit the events from April 1994 in Rwanda to honor those who lost their lives and to ensure that the world never allows such horror to happen...
My Quest To Teach – #MyQuestToTeach

The Alphabet of Being An African Content Creator

“African’s must accept and embrace they are valuable content creators and have a voice that should be heard on a global digital scale.” William Jackson, M.Ed. 2018 Ideas shared from my experiences as a professor...

Botswana Welcomes Its Fifth New President

On April 1, Botswana inaugurated its fifth president, Mokgweetsi Masisi. The presidency is structurally very strong in Botswana and its past leaders have been giants. Filling the shoes of his predecessors will therefore be a...

Court Decision Shines Light on Race Relations in South Africa

Tense race relations on the rise The New York Times reported that for the first time, a white woman was convicted, sentenced, and jailed for the use of racial slurs. The woman’s rant, which occurred in February 2016, lasted some...

5 African Teams and Their Journey to the World Cup

It is official that Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, and Tunisia are the five African teams chosen to represent Africa in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, held from June 14th to  July  15th in Russia.  The five teams secured their place after a long, two-year competition.
China in Africa

China’s Heavy Hand in Africa

Is China’s “charm offensive” losing its charm and becoming just offensive? Blog Post by Guest Blogger for Elizabeth C. EconomyViola Rothschild is a research associate in Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.The revelation that a...

Africa’s Free Trade Deal Signed in Kigali

In Kigali on March 21, more than forty African nations signed a deal to create the African Continental Free Trade Area. The dream is of a free trade area from the Cape of Good Hope to the...
Morocco Poster FIFA World Cup 2026

Morocco Competes to Host FIFA World Cup 2026

 On June 13th, the name of the host country(s) of the 2026 World Cup will be announced by the International Football Association FIFA. Morocco's candidacy for the organisation of the 2026 World Cup was...
land reform

Ramaphosa Confronts Land Reform in South Africa

The predominance of white ownership of land  is taken by many—perhaps most—South Africans as emblematic of the persistence of apartheid injustice. Hence, there have long been calls for the expropriation of white-owned agricultural land without...

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