SA Presidency Website Hack

South African Presidency Website Hack Could’ve Been Avoided With Stronger Security Measures

Last month, the South African Presidency’s website was hacked, which was confirmed by president Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokesperson.Website exploits seem to be commonplace these days, and in this case, the website, which users normally use...

Trevor Noah Is Right- People Can Be Both French and African

The afterglow of France winning the 2018 World Cup tournament on July 15 should be gone by now. But the arguments over France’s 23-man squad, with as many as 15 players with African roots,...

Despite Land Reform, South Africa Is not Becoming Zimbabwe or Venezuela

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board compared South Africa’s Ramaphosa government to the dictatorships in Venezuela and Zimbabwe and their seizure of private property. The focus of the editorial board's ire is proposals within the governing African...
voting in Africa

How Peace Journalism Can Help The Media Cover Elections In Africa

Several countries in Africa, including Zimbabwe, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon, hold crucial elections this year. Some of the polls are likely to be marked by protests as well as clampdowns...

Dispute Threatens Botswana’s Reputation

While the protracted dispute between Russia’s Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel) and the Botswana government over the commitment made by the Botswana state-owned company BCL in 2014 to purchase Norilsk’s African assets, is still to be...

Why Zambia Should Embrace The Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Zuneid YousufSouth Africa will this week host the tenth BRICS Summit in Durban, Africa’s biggest and busiest port. The BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – represent the world’s leading emerging economies....
Zimbabwe’s New Era

Seizing Opportunities In Zimbabwe’s New Era

As Zimbabwe courts investors and ramps up efforts to create a business-friendly environment, connectivity and communication will be key to forging a path towards the country’s digital future, says Never Ncube, CEO of Dandemutande,...
Ekiti Governorship Election

Ekiti 2018 Governorship Election: Foretelling The Outcome

Democracy is basically the right of the governed to elect who governs. The people of Ekiti State, Southwest, Nigeria, would troop out on July 14 to elect who’ll govern them for the next four...
African Cloud

Africa Needs An African Cloud

For organisations in Africa to truly reap the benefits of cloud and shared data centre services, local data centres need to be developed and deployed. This will not only address the issue around data...
Electric wires are pictured in Ojuelegba district in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Electricity Shortages Significantly Impede Its Economic Growth

Some parts of Nigeria have little or no access to the national grid, while in other areas electricity is only available for short and varying periods of the day. Even following reorganization and partial...
Killer Herdsmen

Killer Herdsmen: As Justice Sinks, The Sword Slits

By Omoshola DejiUnsure casualty figures. Presidential condemnation. Police and military deployment. No justice. All we get is a repetition of otiose actions after defenseless citizens have been massacred by extremists and killer herdsmen. Human...

Modernity and Tradition Clash in South African Reed Dance

The African National Congress (ANC) has governed South Africa since the inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994, which formally brought about an end to apartheid. It supported and actively participated in the drafting of...

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