Is Agribusiness The Problem Or The Solution?

For two centuries, all too many discussions about hunger and resource scarcity has been haunted by the ghost of Parson Thomas Malthus. Malthus warned that rising populations would exhaust resources, especially those needed for food production. Exponential population growth would outstrip food output.
The independence arch in Ghana

Ghana: Is There Press Freedom Without Accountability?

“I’m devastated because the life of a brilliant, dedicated and young journalist has been cowardly cut short. I’m angered because journalists in Ghana have never felt safe, despite our role very clearly recognized and sealed by the country’s constitution”
women expanding their horizons

The Future Women Want: Free of Violence

Bakera excelled in school. As a girl who grew up in a rural, poor community, she had, against all odds, realized her education goals and was elated to go to the capital city, Kampala where she would now work.
A market in Bamenda,

International Women’s Day in Cameroon: A Day for All Women?

On March 8, women all over Cameroon will don custom-made dresses sewn of pagne, specially printed for International Women’s Day. They will parade through cities and towns, joining women around the world in celebration of the day.
Justine Masika Bihamba at the UN Security Council in 2018.

DRC’s First Peaceful Transition Of Power Was At Expense Of Women

The first peaceful transition in politics in our country has shown the Congolese Women’s Forum that maybe one day we can peacefully achieve equal representation, where we are finally listened to, and where we are able to make decisions on our own futures.
East African Real Estate

East African Real Estate Investors Discover The Working Class

The last 20 years of real estate boom in East Africa has changed our building landscape and inventory, as it quite rightly should have done.Our starting point was a region that was short of...
SA Strikes

New Measures To Bring Order To Strikes

By Johan Olivier & Lizle Louw, Partners at Webber Wentzel & specialists in employment law A new code of good practice governing various aspects of strike action came into effect on 1 January 2019. It...

Nigeria Has a History of Dodgy Elections: Will It Be Different This Time?

Nigeria is preparing for its general election. But will it be credible? Nigerian voters are well aware that the elections will not be won solely by votes or popular consensus. There are several other...
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Africa: Mining The Value Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

International commercial arbitration and international investment treaty arbitration both offer effective and efficient alternative dispute resolution mechanism to assist with Africa mining related disputes and avoid some of the downsides often associated with judicial...

Reflecting On The AU’s 2018 Theme: “Winning The Fight Against Corruption”

African citizens consistently place corruption amongst their top concerns, with many indicating that they have lost faith in many key institutions, including legislatures, police, courts, and national electoral commissions.
Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed

OPINION: Ending Violence Against Women & Girls in the Sahel

The women, smiling at us as we disembarked, showed the same resilience I have seen in women in countless contexts: an ability to survive, even in the face of multiple forms of violence and insecurity at home, in public or from political conflict.

Italy Accuses France of Creating Poverty in Africa

A diplomatic spat between Italy and France over migration to Europe is a likely forerunner of coming political battles in the run-up to European Parliament elections, according to analysts.Paris summoned the Italian ambassador this...

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