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Human Rights Ethiopia

The Criminalization of Sexual Minorities and Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a rising star among anti-gay countries in Africa as it continues to push for new legislation to further crackdown on LGBTQ community. The country is a place where homophobia thrives and discrimination...
West Africa’s Skills

West Africa’s Skills and Youth Unemployment Crisis – Why Business Has a Critical Role...

By Pieter Bensch, Executive Vice-President, Africa & Middle East at Sage West Africa is on the rise, with Nigeria showing resilience and diversifying its economy following a recession and Ghana enjoying stellar GDP growth of 8.5% for...
African Aviation

African Aviation at a Threshold

In the African aviation industry, the cup is half full. There are still many things to be done to explore the full potential of the industry in Africa like its counterparts in other regions...
africa free trade

Tilting Trade Towards Africa: Becoming The World’s Food Basket

By Mimi Kalinda, a respected Tutu Fellow and thought leader on the African narrative.As we celebrate Africa Day and all the continent’s historical accomplishments, let’s also look ahead and determine how best we can...

Africa: Reaching Beyond the Stars

In the movie, "Black Panther", Wakanda is a fictional African country of the future that is the most technologically advanced in the world. Presently, in the real world there are African nations advancing in scientific...

Burundi’s Vote Could Keep Nkurunziza President Until 2034

Burundians are at the polls today to vote in a referendum on constitutional amendments that would, among other things, change the country’s rules around term limits. The change would make it possible for the current president,...
can you see me

‘Stay Woke’ or Get Left Behind

The world is in constant flux and revolution. This has been aided by the increase of globalisation through the internet. Where 30 years ago the international community needed Oliver Tambo to tell them about...

Op-Ed: Call it What it is – NOT A CLASH

By Pastor Anietie John UkpeThe cautionary aspect in underestimating an evil genius is that before you wake up to his ingenuity, he may have taken you for a ride. Take the case of...
Tanzania Mining Sector

Op-Ed: Making a Bad Situation Worse in the Tanzania Mining Sector

Oped by Peter Leon, Partner and Co-Chair of the Africa Practice, Herbert Smith Freehills   In July 2017, the Tanzanian National Assembly enacted three laws, under a certificate of urgency, which together will have a profound impact on...
Artificial intelligence

Is AI going to be a good thing for Africa?

How will Artificial intelligence (AI) change the way we conduct business in Africa and will it make people redundant or irrelevant when it comes to jobs on the continent?With the advent of AI, there...
nelson mandela

Winnie’s Death Reignites Criticism of Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

by John CampbellSouth Africa became a “non-racial” democracy in 1994, twenty-three years ago. Nelson Mandela, who has always firmly been identified with the African National Congress (ANC) and the end of apartheid, died five years...
An Authoritarian New President

Op-Ed: Behind the Smoke Screen, An Authoritarian New President

By Rafael Marques de MoraisAfter the 2017 elections, the hopes ordinary Angolans placed on President João Lourenço were so high that many regarded him as a gift from God. Next September, his predecessor, José...

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