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10 Best Ghanaian Music Singles

This list of the 10 Best Ghanaian Music Singles shows how gifted the Ghanaian music industry is. Music will undoubtedly pass as one of the greatest assets the human race possesses. From the genesis...
tresor riziki

PROFILE: Trésor Riziki – Multi Platinum-selling Artist in South Africa

One cannot mention the African millennial sound without mentioning Trésor Riziki. From music video channels to night clubs, Tresor’s music has become the soundtrack of the Afropolitan. With simple and clear, yet meaningful lyrics,...

Top Dance Styles in Africa

When to comes to dance, dance styles in Africa always top the charts. Africa is a continent that is rich with different cultures, dance styles and traditions, and one of the more fun and...

10 Best Nigerian Music Singles

There is no lack of music in Nigeria. Almost every day, new songs are being dropped by Nigerian musicians as they hold their ground as the lifeline of parties in the country. We've put together a list of the ten outstanding Nigerian singles rocking the music/party scene.
Musical Revolution In Angola

From Semba to Hip Hop: Exploring Angola’s Musical Revolution

Angola-based American music researcher Michael Smith, names Yola Semedo, an award-winning female artist who fuses the semba and kizomba genres, “the Angolan Queen of Soul.” The complexities of the city’s music scene do not...
Lorine Chia

Meet The Cameroonian Singer Heating Up The Global Music Scene

In a world where a lot of artists increasingly sound the same, Lorine Chia is refreshingly unique. The Cameroonian-born, US-based star mesmerises with her strained, raspy voice that delivers bone-chilling soulful ballads. Her music is...

10 Best African Music Singles

It was another great year for African music, with artists dropping tunes that made the whole continent dance. Here are the ten biggest songs that topped the charts throughout the continent.Babes Wodumo – Wololo “Wololo”...
Mbale Schools Band

Mbale Schools Band In Uganda

Music has the power to entertain, to heal and to empower.All of this is embodied in Mbale Schools Band in Uganda, which is a music-orientated project under the charity U Give 2 Uganda that...
Vanessa Mdee – Tanzaniavideo

10 Artists To Watch On The Music Scene

Every year, a fresh wave of new artists burst into the limelight and capture our attention with their remarkable musical abilities. A crisp sound, unique voice, and fresh perspective – some of the things...
Stacey Gillian Abe – Uganda

They’re SO Hot Right Now – Young African Artists You Need to Know!

Africa’s art landscape is packed with tremendously talented artists who are gaining prominence locally and abroad. From Ghana to Kenya, Mozambique to Egypt, there’s a generation of painters, sculptors, photographers, and installation...
Nicki minaj wearing angolan flag

Why The Fuss About Nicki Minaj in Angola?

American rapper Nicki Minaj performed for a company partially owned by the family of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Human rights groups had urged Minaj to cancel the show in Angola, with accusations against dos...

10 Music Festivals in Africa

With the continent of Africa growing as a significant cultural and entertainment hub, music festivals are fast becoming a regular and popular feature on the continent’s cultural space. From educational and environmentally conscious festivals...

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