Celeste Ntuli

Top 14 Gurus of African Comedy That Will Get Your Ribs Cracking

African comedy over the last decade has showed immense growth and gained popularity, producing some of the best comedians the world has ever seen. Comedians have creatively turned normal every day happenings...
contemporary african art

Contemporary African Art Has A Home

I recently had an opportunity to visit the magnificent Zeitz MOCAA.  I was completely blown away by the artistic excellence captured in both the architecture and the art of the Zeitz museum.I was also...

The Diversity of African Culture and Creativity

In recent years, the diversity of African culture and creativity has received more attention world over. Many young (and even old) emerging African go-getters are carving their names on the books of history through...
Trevor Stuurman

African Instagrammers: Who to Follow

Instagram has become an essential part of our lives, allowing us to show the world what we’re getting up to. But the photo-sharing site is also a platform for people to showcase their creativity,...
Languages of Africa

How Many Languages of Africa Are There?

Not only is Africa the second most populous continent in the world with over one billion people, but it is also home to the highest linguistic diversity in the world, with over 1500 different...
Ngoma Africa Band

African Bands In Germany: How Ngoma Africa Band Has Survived The Storm

It is not easy for an African band to survive for long in a European country. One of the few bands to survive the storm is Ngoma Africa Band, a Tanzanian band...
Matthew Mole

Celebrate Heritage Day With South African’s Favourite Muso – Matthew Mole!

If music, food and fun with friends and family is how you love to spend some leisure time, then grab your tickets now for Music in the Park which takes place on...
fashion trends

10 Fashion Trends For Summer In Africa

Thigh-highs, warm coats, thick stockings, scarves and gloves have served us well in winter, but summer is nearly here and we’re so ready to embrace the new season and, most importantly, we are ready...
$2,000 rent in Africa

What $2,000-a-Month Will Get You in Africa’s 10 Biggest Cities

Do you know what $2,000 rent in Africa per month would get you in top cities? Africa’s real estate industry is flourishing on a daily basis. However, in recent times, various factors, most of...
Thokozani Mhlambi

South African Composer, Dr Thokozani Mhlambi Set To Revive Music Compositions From Yesteryear

After a highly successful showcase in KwaZulu-Natal, the Early African Intellectuals as Composers of Music project ignites the Cape this Heritage Month!The project  is a historical undertaking that...
Eye test

10 Medical Tests Women Should Not Take For Granted

Health experts say that when you detect a disease early, you can prevent complications and improve your quality of life. For African women in the 21st century who would want to lead a happy and...
african literature

Quiet Time: Authors To Add To Your African Reading List

African literature has existed in the realms of African storytellers for several centuries. With the kind distortion brought by globalisation, there also came with it an opportunity to have an accessibility of other cultures...

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