Kiswahili in South Africa

South Africa Introduces Kiswahili In Schools After MoU With Kenya

South African schools will start teaching Kiswahili language following an agreement between Pretoria and Nairobi on Thursday, it has emerged.This precedes Thursday's meeting in which the Cabinet Secretary of Education Prof George Magoha and...
Jomo Tariku

The Gorgeous Africa-Inspired Furniture Designs Of Jomo Tariku

The work of Kenya-born, Virginia-based Ethiopian Jomo Tariku will renew your love of wooden furniture.In "60 Seconds With," ELLE Decor editor Charles Curkin chats with creatives and industry leaders, getting...
Stone Cross

Germany To Return 15th-Century Seafarer Cross To Namibia

A German museum was to announce Friday it would restitute to Namibia a key 15th-century navigation landmark erected by Portuguese explorers, as part of Berlin’s efforts to face up to its colonial...
Saray Khumalo

Saray Khumalo: On Reaching The Top Of The World’s Highest Mountain

On the way to the top of Mount Everest, there is garlic and mushroom soup with popcorn for starters, daily lectures on altitude sickness, and wipes instead of showers.
!Kauru Contemporary African Art

!Kauru Contemporary African Art Africa Month Exhibition – And Counting

!Kauru Contemporary African Art presents “AND COUNTING”, a contemporary visual art exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), Johannesburg from 23 May - 14 July 2019, curated by Tšhegofatso Mabaso (South Africa) and Julia Taonga Kaseka (Zambia)....
National Museum of Ethiopia - Ethiopia

Ten Must-Visit African Museums

If you want to learn more about the history and origins of a place or a country, museums always offer enlightening insight through a collection of artefacts and other objects. Africa is home to...
Queens Of Marok

Meet Botswana’s Queens Of Marok

South African photographer Paul Shiakallis documents the leather-wearing women of Botswana’s heavy metal scene.South African photographer Paul Shiakallis’ latest body of work subverts the expectation of what people...

Kunāfah: Traditional Egyptian Dessert

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Of all the delicious traditional Egyptian Ramadan desserts in existence, kunāfah is said to be the queen. Some authors speculate that it originated from the...
Fela Kuti Documentary

Fela Kuti Documentary Opens: Taking Place Simultaneously In Europe & Africa

The actress Rossy de Palma, Pedro Almodóvar’s muse, will present the opening ceremony, where she will be named Ambassador of FCAT. The festival programme features 82 films, which will be screened in two...
William Jackson

The African Silver Surfer Over 50 Bloggers

William Jackson, M.Ed.The “Silver Surfers” of the digital age are growing at a tremendous rate in Africa. Africans over 50 are creating Facebook profiles, they are Micro-blogging on...

Ndolé: Cameroonian National Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Ndolé is one of the two national dishes of Cameroon, traditionally made with boiled bitterleaf, peanuts, and melon seeds. Seasoned with spices and hot oil,...
Mekanova Gallery

Undiscovered Canvas, Mekanova Gallery Cannes Launch African Art Residency In The French Riviera

Mekanova Gallery in partnership with Undiscovered Canvas today announced the first visual arts residency program for talented South African artist, Giggs Kgole. The residency program is aimed at inspiring young African artists...

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