Hip Hop Saves Lives: Project with Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Hip Hop Saves Lives and Sosolya Dance Academy are creating a music album and documentary series with Sudanese refugees living in Uganda. The album will consist of 8 songs, a short documentary in support of...

Artifacts Stolen From Ethiopia Revives Controversy in Exhibition

A new artifacts exhibition that opened April 5 at London’s famous Victoria and Albert museum of ancient treasures looted from Ethiopia has revived debate about where such artifacts should reside, highlighting the tensions in...
Black ballet dancers

5 Black Ballet Dancers You Need To Fix Your Eyes On

Black ballet dancers are not widely spoken about.  Most of the genres of dancing which feature women of color are the mainstream ones we see on social media and on our television sets.  The...

FORT Review Intersects Innovation & Storytelling With New Content Series

FORT Review is set to launch a thought provoking nine-part video series in celebration of its second edition in February 2018.FORT Review, a thought leadership platform that aims to strike a finer balance between...
Karen Homes

Not All Africans Live in Grass Huts

One of the most misrepresented places on earth is Africa. Even though the continent is home to more than 1 billion people, there is so much misinformation and myths about its people and their...
historic houses in South Africa

5 Historic Houses in South Africa

Do you know some of the most historic houses in South Africa?The history of South Africa is not only documented in books and films, but it’s also deeply embedded in the walls and corridors of...
Discovered Six Mummies

5 Archeological Discoveries in Africa

Africa has always been known as the “Cradle of Mankind” and the land of great ancient civilizations. From Egypt to South Africa, passing by Sudan, Kenya, and the Congo, the African continent has never...
Africa’s Stolen Artefacts

A Look at Africa’s Stolen Artefacts

The list of things that the colonisers took away from Africa is endless. One priceless piece of our identity that was wickedly snatched from us is our artefacts that are now scattered all over...
Africa’s Deep History Museums

Africa’s Deep History Museums

Africa is a continent of deep history and culture. Thanks to Africa's deep history museums people can learn of past events that shaped the continent. Significant historical events have shaped the continent into what...
Ghana fantasy coffins

How Fantasy Coffins are Creating a Unique Farewell

Have you seen Ghana Fantasy Coffins? When the passing of a family member or an esteemed person in the Ga community of southern Ghana occurs, their life is celebrated as per the Ga customs,...
misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa

10 Common Misconceptions And Stereotypes About Africa

When you travel out of Africa and meet individuals who have never been to the continent, most of the time they tend to have certain perceptions that depict the continent in ways that are...

June – A Month of Independence

The month of June comes with many celebrations. Here in Africa, the month of June is important in the calendar of many nations as it marks an end to an era and to a new beginning, a...

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