Sample Cachupa From Cape Verde

Original article published at TasteAtlas.This slow-cooked corn (hominy) and bean stew is made with vegetables (plantains, sweet potatoes, squash, and yams), meat (marinated pork, chorizo sausages, or tuna), and spices (bay leaves, garlic, and pimento)....
Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma: Nairobi Meat Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Nyama choma is Kenya's unnoficial national dish, meaning barbecued meat in the Swahili language.The meat is usually goat or beef, served roasted throughout the country, from roadside shacks to fine restaurants. It is...
African Buffalo

6 Things You Didn’t Know About African Buffalo

African buffalo, also known as Cape buffalo, are striking to see in person. Thanks to its large stature and enlarged horns, they can be quite intimidating. But did you know there’s a few interesting...
Museum of Black Civilisations

World’s Largest Museum Dedicated To Black Civilizations Opens In Senegal

After 52 years of waiting, Senegal is finally opening what has been described as the largest museum of black civilization in the capital, Dakar.With close to 14,000 square metres of floor space and capacity...

Chakalaka: Spicy South African Vegetable Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Chakalaka is a spicy South African vegetable relish consisting of tomatoes, beans, and onions as its key ingredients, although some cooks might add various other ingredients such as carrots, bell peppers,...
African Artifacts

Return Of African Artifacts Sets A Tricky Precedent For Europe’s Museums

When President Emmanuel Macron of France received a report he had commissioned on the restitution of African treasures, he wasted no time in announcing that the Quai Branly Museum in Paris would return 26...

Brik: Let’s Dine In Tunisia

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Tunisian brik is a popular dish that incorporates flaky dough filled with a variety of savory ingredients.Traditionally, malsouqa dough is used to create brik, but the more available phyllo pastry is commonly used...

Gender Inequality is Stunting Economic Progress

‘Do not let us off the hook; keep our feet to the fire’. These were the words of the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres when he promised to personally lead the global body towards greater...
gender equality

Promoting Gender Equality On Front Lines

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) assignment of £50m ($64.3m) to help end female genital mutilation (FGM) is great news. The biggest ever financial commitment by any donor, it could be a game...

Matoke : Popular Ugandan Dish

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Matoke is a banana variety that is indigenous to Uganda. They are shorter than regular bananas and are somewhat thicker at the mid section as a result. Due to the high starch...
Abacate Com Tuna

Abacate Com Tuna : Appetizer From Guinea Bissau

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Abacate com tuna is a healthy, visually appealing appetizer from Guinea Bissau. It is made with ripe avocados, tuna, grated coconut, evaporated milk, and chopped tomatoes. In order to prepare it,...

Go To Roxbury And The South End To Eat West African Food

When I spoke with Sahr Josiah last October about his restaurant Bintimani, which serves food inspired by his native Sierra Leone, he said one day he might want to expand to a bigger space so...

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